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7 Ways Others May Sabotage Your Dreams ...

By Rosalina

If you have dreams that you want to follow but you feel as though there might be people who are trying to stop you from achieving them, you might not be imagining it. There are several ways in which people might try and sabotage your dreams and although I'm not saying you should be paranoid and devoid of trust for others, there are a few things you should be aware of and some ways to deal with these people who might try and sabotage your dreams.

1 Negativity

One of the ways others might try and sabotage your dreams is by being negative. If you have a Negative Nancy or Nathan in the family or as a friend, take their negativity with a pinch of salt. They might try and tell you that your dreams and ambitions aren't worth pursuing and they might show you the down sides to your dreams but don't take the comments to heart. It may be that they never had the strength to pursue their own dreams and they're trying to stand in your way. Of course, they might be trying to protect you from getting hurt but they also need to accept that you need to find things out for yourself. The key is to surround yourself with positive people who are pursuing the same goals.

2 Mocking

Another way people might try and sabotage your dreams is by mocking you. They might make fun of your hopes and aspirations for the future by belittling your dreams and making you doubt yourself. Stay strong in the face of mockery. Laugh and go along with it if you can but don't take it personally. Again, they may be trying to dissuade you from going any further because of jealousy.


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3 Anecdotes

People might tell you horror stories of somebody's aunty's best friend's cousin who pursued the same dream and ended up jobless and homeless. There are risks with everything in life and again, these anecdotes should be listened to but not taken to heart. Don't let their fear stand in your way of your dreams and ambitions.

4 Interference

This is another way in which others might try and sabotage your dreams. It is one of the most frustrating ways in which people might try and stand in your way. Interfering can take many forms. For example, people might try and feed you incorrect information to try and ensure you don't get close to achieving what you want. Be aware of the ways in which others might interfere.

5 Psychological Games

This is one of the worst ways in which people might try and sabotage your dreams. They might play psychological games to make you feel as though your dream is not worth pursuing and you're better off staying where you are. These might be subtle and manipulative but again, don't be paranoid and think that everyone it conspiring against you. Just stay strong and listen to the inner voice which is telling you to follow your heart.

6 Being Mean

This is one of the worst ways people might try and sabotage your dreams. Some people can just be mean and nasty and like to try and make others feel bad because it makes them feel better. Try to distance yourself from mean people who might try to make you feel silly about pursuing your goals and ambitions.

7 Obstacles

People might try and put obstacles in your way. They might be physical or psychological but they might make it difficult for you to get to where you want to be. For example, if you need the car to go for an interview, it might conveniently be being used by another member of the family. Whatever the scenario, always have a back-up plan and a back-up plan for your back-up plan!

Has anyone been on the receiving end of this? What did you do and what advice would you give to others who are dealing with people trying to sabotage their dreams?


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