Stop Trying to Create the Perfect Life and Enjoy the One You Have ...

By Alison

Stop Trying to Create the Perfect Life and Enjoy the One You Have ...

Do you ever think that if only you could change your looks, had more money, or lived in a mansion your life would be perfect? While it's good to have plans and ambitions, spending your life dreaming about the perfect life you don't have is a waste, and stops you making the most of life. Here are some reasons why you should stop trying to create the perfect life, and instead enjoy the life you do have …

1 Unrealistic Aspiration

Perfection only exists in a fantasy. So why waste your energy wishing that you had something that doesn't exist? Pursuing an unreal goal is pointless, and guaranteed to make you dissatisfied. And even if you had all the things you wanted, you'd almost certainly find that it didn't feel as good as you thought it would.

2 Missing out

If you try to create the perfect life, you are missing out on so much. Your focus is in the wrong place, so you don't see what's really important. Make sure you don't miss out on real life, by enjoying what you do have instead. There are plenty of amazing things around, and learning to value the really important things in life is truly rewarding.

3 Always Seeking More

It's common for people who have cosmetic surgery to embark upon a constant process of 'improvements'. As soon as they've fixed their 'fault', they find something else 'wrong' with themselves. Seek perfection, and you may find that you're always finding something else that you don't like about your life.

4 You'll Be Happier

You'll actually be happier if you don't try to create the perfect life. Since that doesn't exist, you'll constantly be stressed and unhappy because you're not getting what you want. Relax, and don't strive for something that isn't achievable. Enjoy life's oddities, and accept that things do go wrong sometimes.

5 Perfect People Have Problems Too

The chances are that people whose lives you envy aren't as happy as you might think. Maybe you envy Kim Kardashian's wealth and jet-set lifestyle. But how do you know that she feels her life is perfect? Just like anyone else, she must have worries and insecurities. It must be exhausting living her life - and her constant changes to her appearance suggest that she's not a happy woman inside.

6 Never Satisfied

People who think that their lives will be perfect if only x/y/z happens will probably never be satisfied, even if they achieve that thing. They find that when they get what they want, they don't feel the happiness they expected. That's because they're not dealing with the unhappiness inside of them, but looking for the wrong solution to their problems.

7 Stressful

Trying to create the perfect life can be pretty stressful. You'll worry about something going wrong, or feel let down when you don't find your dream as fulfilling as you thought. This happens a lot to people who renovate their 'dream home'; they find the process to stressful that it puts a strain on their relationship.

It's good to have ambitions and goals, and want to better yourself. It's also natural to admire people who have a more luxurious lifestyle. The problem is when you become obsessed with having the perfect life. Don't let this take over. Do you know someone who tries to be perfect - or is it you?

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