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Are You the Baby of the Family? What Being the Youngest Child Says about You ...

By Alicia

Being the baby of the family has it’s advantages and disadvantages just like any other position in the family. It can make you more likely to have certain personality traits. Those traits can be positive or negative. We’re all a mix of different personality traits that make us who we uniquely are.

1 You’re Both Funny and Charming

If you’re the baby of the family then you’re probably both funny and charming. You can always think of something funny to say. Your ability to make others laugh goes hand-in-hand with being charming. Those two make up a dynamic combination that you’ve probably learned to use to get you out of sticky situations. These two traits also make you very likeable.

2 You’re Spontaneous

The baby of the family is usually of a spontaneous nature. You aren’t afraid to decide something on the spur of the moment. Spontaneity is something you value. It makes life a little more fun which is something you’re always up for. You’re the type that’s always ready for an adventure at the drop of a hat.

3 You’re Optimistic

As the baby of the family, you’re probably an optimistic person. You believe that things will work out and don’t waste a lot of time worrying over them. Sure, life has it’s hard moments but you know things will eventually turn around. They always do. That belief is something to hold onto and treasure. Many people would love to have that outlook on life but don’t know how to achieve it.

4 You’re Open to New Ideas

You aren’t afraid to try new things as the baby of your family. In fact, you rather enjoy new adventures and experiences. This may mean that you often try new foods at restaurants or that you’re not intimidated by moving to a new city. You find new experiences exciting and exhilarating. You’re always up for making new memories out of new adventures.

5 You’re Used to Getting What You Want

You’ve probably heard this one and there’s some truth to it. Most people who’re the baby of the family are used to getting what they want. This isn’t always a bad thing. It can actually be a good thing if it motivates you to work toward getting what you want, as in reaching a goal. The trick here is in realizing that a lot of things aren’t going to come as easily as you may have hoped.

6 You’re Secure in Yourself

Insecurity isn’t a big issue for you. Most of the time, the baby of the family is very loved and cared for by everyone in their family. This helps your sense of security to be very strong. You probably don’t struggle with self-esteem issues as much as others with a different position in birth order. Although I believe that security in yourself can be a small issue for most women at some time or other in their life.

7 You Don’t Cross Boundaries

As the baby of the family, you’ve probably got a good handle on boundaries. You’re respectful of others. You’ve learned that lesson well as a child growing up with older siblings. You’re good at minding your own business unless someone comes to you for advice. This’s very admirable.

These’re 7 traits that’re common in someone that’s the baby of the family. Which ones are true of you? I’m excited to read your comments.

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