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Wanna Be a Magnet? Here's How ...

By Sarah

Do you want to attract a better life for yourself by being a magnet? As humans we are attracted to people that are happy, relaxed, confident and successful. Imagine if you walked into a class and one side of the room were all laughing and chatting and having a good time, and on the other side of the room people were sitting by themselves staring at their phones… most people would want to join the group that were having a good time, being social and making the most of life. Make your relationships, life goals and personal achievement stronger, by being a magnet.

1 Embrace Opportunities

We are attracted to people that are embracing life and making the most of it. The trick to being a magnet is to say YES to new opportunities. If you are invited to a concert – GO! You are given the chance to study abroad – GO! People are drawn to others that are having an exciting life, and to be that person you need to say YES when the opportunity arises.


We are drawn to people who smile a lot. Happy, smiling people are more approachable and are inviting to others. You will find it a lot easier to make friends and build stronger relationships if you smile. A smile and a shared joke can go a long way to making your life easier and more fun.


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3 Dress up

A person who is dressed neatly and well groomed looks ready to face the day. Develop your own style and be confident in what you wear. Taking pride in your appearance shows others that you are proud of yourself and that you are worth making the effort for. A good haircut is also a worthy investment in looking and feeling good.

4 Work Hard

Hard work and success come hand in hand, and lets not forget that people are drawn to successful people. We wonder to ourselves how did they achieve such greatness? People that run marathons or have degrees don’t get them overnight. They put in time and effort and the result is something to be envied. We are impressed by their hard work like a moth to a flame.

5 Socialise

Socialising is the cornerstone of human nature – we thrive when we have healthy strong relationships. People who nurture their friendships and make time for their family are also investing in themselves. The better your relationships are, the easier life will seem because friends really do buy happiness. And the funny thing is the more you have, the easier it is to attract new ones.

6 Have Confidence

A confident person can be mesmerising. People that are secure in themselves are simply attractive. Know your own mind and don’t be afraid to tell other people. Having confidence means standing apart from a crowd and getting noticed.

7 Good Manners

I think good manners are really attractive and sometimes too quickly forgotten. A date that holds open the car door for you and is polite to your family is far more memorable and attractive then a better-looking rude guy. Good manners can be a very powerful tool when used correctly so remember to pick up your p’s and q’s.

Being a magnet is about attracting good things into your life – new friends, new opportunities and a new found confidence. So dress boldly, say how you really feel and stand out from the crowd. People can spend a lifetime trying to blend in with their peers, when their true strength lies in being themselves. So how are you going to be a magnet today?

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