7 Simple Things to Tell Yourself when the Going Gets Tough ...


7 Simple Things to Tell Yourself when the Going Gets Tough ...
7 Simple Things to Tell Yourself when the Going Gets Tough ...

There are some simple things to tell yourself when the going gets tough. We all have an internal dialogue when things get tricky in life, but that little person inside can sometimes exacerbate the problem by saying negative things. When we have those days when it all gets a little too much and we feel like retreating into our shells, it's easy to feel sorry for ourselves and have a prance at the pity parade. But by 'talking' to ourselves and telling ourselves certain things, we can actually make ourselves feel better. Positive thinking has so many health benefits, such as lowering stress levels and increasing resistance to colds. It can even lower the risk of cardiovascular disease-related deaths. So in the interests of overall good health and well-being, here are some simple things I tell myself when the going gets tough.

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It's Nothing Personal

Sometimes, we meet people along the way who may make us feel a little down. Whether it's something they say or something they do, it's easy to take things personally and think that it's something you said or did to make them feel that way. The thing to remember though, is not to take it personally. Quite often it isn't you. If you tell yourself this, rather than always blaming yourself and assuming that it's something you did or said, you will feel an improvement in your mood. So when the going gets tough, remember, it's probably nothing personal!


Tomorrow is Another Day

Oh who can forget the beautiful Scarlett O'Hara as she looks wistfully at the camera with teary eyes and claims, "Tomorrow is another day!". She is looking at the positivity of the future and hopes and dreams for what will be, as she remembers her father's words about Tara. If I have had a day which could have gone better, I say this to myself (and that Gone with the Wind tune then comes into my head which is weird!) There is no point dwelling on the day and dissecting everything that went wrong because you can't change it. Just look forward instead of behind and think, tomorrow is another day!


I Can do This

I once had a teacher who used to always say "There's no such word as 'can't'. I should have bought her a dictionary really to prove her wrong but I understand what she was trying to say. If you tell yourself you CAN do something then more often than not, you WILL be able to do it. If you tell yourself you can't, then you have immediately put an obstacle in your way - YOU! So tell yourself you can and you will.


Life is on My Side

This is a great thing to tell yourself when the going gets tough. It's easy to think that everything and everyone is conspiring against you to ensure that nothing goes your way but actually, life is on your side and if you remind yourself this, then it will make you feel a lot better. Having a positive mind-set will ensure that you approach things in a confident and optimistic way, which will ensure that things do indeed go your way!


Today is Going to Be a Great Day

This always reminds me of one of my favorite films, Jerry Maguire. In it, Jerry Maguire is lying in bed one morning when suddenly the radio comes on and wakes him up with a jolt. We then see Jerry's fictional mentor, Dickey Fox in his office, who exclaims, "I love the mornings! I clap my hands every morning and say, 'This is gonna be a great day!' Ok, so I don't clap my hands in the morning because it would probably scare my significant other half to death, but I actually find that when I say this at the beginning of the day and I say it with conviction, the day does go well. Again, it's all about positive thinking and if you think something's going to go well, then it more than likely will!


I'm Feeling Good

Nina Simone had the right idea and actually, when I turn that song right up, I do feel good! Ok, so you may not be feeling good but you can sometimes fool yourself into thinking you are by saying that you are. It's all about tricking yourself into thinking that you're feeling great, even when you aren't. Smiling also helps and studies have actually shown that if you smile, you feel happy. Seriously. So flex your zygomatic muscle (or smile) even when you're really not feeling like it and see how you feel!


I'm Grateful for...

One of the great things you can remind yourself of, are all the things you're grateful for. List them in your head and it can really raise your spirits when you're feeling down. Reminding yourself of the good things you have whilst trying not to focus on the negative things, can make you feel much better when the going gets tough.

I believe that we often make things happen in our lives by our thought processes and the ways in which we approach things. So give yourself a good talking to when the going gets tough! These are just a few things to tell yourself, not only when the going gets tough but every day. What do you tell yourself when things aren't exactly going your way to help 'pick yourself up', or just in general to make you feel good?

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