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Perfect Ways to Clear Your Mind when You're down in the Dumps ...

By Clarrie

It’s one of the most annoying aspects of human nature, that fact that when you are feeling really down in the dumps, the one thing that you really want to do, but also the one thing that is at that moment the hardest thing to do, is completely clear your mind and start afresh. Feelings of sadness and, at the more serious end depression, have a tendency to sink down deeper into more than a few layers of your thought process, which means that it can be very difficult to try to find a light at the end of the tunnel that isn’t clouded by negative energy. However, there are a few things that you can do in order to give yourself the best chance. Here are some ways to clear your mind when you’re down in the dumps.

1 Eat Well

black, photograph, person, black and white, photography, Go back to basic in terms of your diet, stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables and make sure that you have three well balanced meals a day. Stay away from sugars and processed foods, because they are likely to lead to big surges of energy and subsequent crashes, which are the worst possible thing to happen to somebody who is already feeling sensitive and vulnerable.

2 Spring Clean

room, interior design, furniture, home, There is definitely something to be said about the clean home, clean mind saying. If you mind is in a mess, it won’t help that your living environment is too, so try your best to make your home as spotless as possible. In addition to that, run yourself a luxurious bubble bath and clean your body as well. Soothe, soak and enjoy the tranquil serenity of your newly cleaned home.

3 Garden

plant, tree, flower, leaf, flora, Sometimes it can help to get out in to nature, and this doesn’t have to mean the forest. It could just be stepping into your garden to do some work. Snipping away at dead heads and weeding out some pesky roots can be really therapeutic, and you will get a sense of satisfaction not only from the cleaning of the foliage, but also at the thought that you have cleared a pathway to beauty and growth.

4 Walk

yellow, water, leisure, recreation, grass, It doesn’t matter where you are walking to or how fast you are going, but putting your body in to motion can often do wonders for clearing your head. It gives you a change of scenery, and opens your eyes to more unfamiliar sights, encouraging you to think of other things rather than your own mood.

5 Read

cartoon, vertebrate, fiction, water bird, finger, There is nothing wrong with curling up with a good book and escaping into a fictional literary world for an hour or two, especially when your own reality isn’t bringing you much current joy. Literature opens you up to a limitless possibility of other worlds to explore, why not disappear for a little while with a cup of tea?

6 Learn

mammal, vertebrate, day, child, girl, Why not crowd out the negative thoughts in your head with fresh, educational ones? I’m not suggesting going back to school or taking a night class, but there are plenty of facilities online that can open you up to learning a new skill and taking your mind off things.

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