7 Wonderful Things about Yourself That You Should Be Proud of ...


7 Wonderful Things about Yourself That You Should Be Proud of ...
7 Wonderful Things about Yourself That You Should Be Proud of ...

Whenever you're feeling down, remember that there are tons of wonderful things about yourself. Sometimes, we get bogged down with the negatives and forget to focus on the positives. Whether or not you're as successful as you want to be, there are wonderful things about yourself that you should be proud of. Don't let yourself get down.

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Your Friends

Be proud of each friend that you've managed to make and keep. Having friends means that there are people who like your personality and enjoy spending time with you. Don't take them for granted. One of the wonderful things about yourself that you should be proud of is that you've managed to show others how wonderful you are. Try to see what they see and love yourself.


Your Intelligence

Whether you're the smartest in your math class or a pro at gaining followers on Tumblr, you're good at something. It doesn't matter if your form of intelligence is not what society typically deems acceptable. You're smart in your own right. There are things that you know how to do that others would struggle with. So be proud of who you are and what you know!


Video Game Scores

Who says video games don't help you in life? They can enhance your coordination and depending on the game, teach you actual life lessons. Just because you're having fun doesn't mean that you're not learning as well. Be proud of every level you beat, because it takes a certain type of skill and dedication to beat any game. Of course, this isn't an excuse to spend every second playing video games and disregarding all else.


Your Reading List

Be proud of the amount of books you've read. Each of them, whether you enjoyed it or not, took you on a unique adventure. Books teach you how different people see the world and explore the various emotions they go through in life. Every time you read something, you're expanding what you know about the world and humanity as a whole. The information can be important or useless, but you should value the experience either way.


Your Creativity

Maybe you're a spectacular writer or a fantastic chef. Whatever your creative ability is, be happy that you're able to create something out of virtually nothing. It's impressive to be able to draw or sew or paint nails. Whatever your talent is, embrace it! If no one else appreciates it, you should still be proud of it yourself.


Your Finances

Even if you work at a minimum wage job that you hate, be proud of every penny that you make. You have to get up each day and do actual work in order to make your cash. Even if your paycheck seems petty in comparison to what others make, you should still be proud of yourself for making anything at all. Don't compare yourself to others. Only compare your current self to your past self.


Your Stamina

Be proud of the fact that you've made it through every rough situation you've ever been through. Nothing has stopped you from living yet. You can keep surviving and make your life as great as it deserves to be. You might have scars from your past, but remember to live in the present. You're living life, so you might as well enjoy it.

If you're ever feeling down, make a list of all the things you love about yourself. It may feel like you're bragging, but sometimes it's necessary to have a reminder of why you're so lovely. What aspect about yourself are you most proud of?

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I'm proud of my patience

I like me alot

#7 is great #1 I struggle with, though I'm sure people do still admire me. I think I'm good at playing games (board/card), and with puzzles. I sometimes make puzzles for others (not jigsaw) as that's how I like to do things sometimes. I wish I had friends who wanted to do things with me, since it makes life more horrible.

That was an amazing article

Everyone is unique in their own way :) I like the creativity on this list, I'm always going to be singing! Please take a look at my own songs on youtube, just search my name and you'll see songs that I made myself :)

This article made me feel so good about myself, I feel a little discouraged looking for a 3rd job, so thanks for putting it in perspective :)

I love me very much

I like this alot, most inspiring xx

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