9 Principles That You Should Live by and Always Uphold ...


9 Principles That You Should Live by and Always Uphold ...
9 Principles That You Should Live by and Always Uphold ...

In this wild and crazy world, there are several principles that you should live by. They will keep you grounded, helping you to be the best you. How many times have you gotten so caught up in your daily life that you forget your purpose? If the answer is many, you are so not alone. Just remember these lovely principles that you should live by, and you’ll never, ever forget who you are, or your purpose, again.

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The Responsibility is Mine

Take responsibility for everything happening in your life. The second you take on the victim role, you release control of your life to anyone else that wants it. Instead own up to your mistakes. Acknowledge your past and the future is yours! There is nothing like taking control of your life and living how you want to. It is one of the best feelings in the world, and is definitely one of the key principles that you should live by, starting now!


Honesty Always

The old saying "honesty is the best policy" is truer than true. Lies will always get you caught. Then you will have to lie again to make up for the last lie that you told. Save yourself the trouble of detangling your web of deceit and just tell the truth from the get go. It is not always the easier route, but the truth can (and will) set you free.


Over Analyzing Won’t Make Success Come Faster

I know how it feels to look at a situation from twenty different angles. You pace back and forth. You try to think about what you are missing. What in the world could make everything work out faster? The only thing is, your worrying will not speed time up. It won’t make tomorrow come sooner, and it sure won’t guarantee that things will go your way. So breathe in and breathe out. Let yourself relax.


Everyone Has Time for Love

You are on-the-go constantly, always up to something. It seems as if you never have enough time to date, visit with family, or gather with your friends. Correction: you never MAKE time. These people are your support system. Their love is the anecdote to whatever you are going through, so don’t take them for granted.


This Too Shall Pass

This is an old Judeo-Christian proverb that is phenomenal because it is so simple. No matter what you are going through, you must remember that if you are still breathing, if you are still alive, it is not over. You have to keep going. Things can never bring you down if you understand that they will eventually be a part of your past.


Nothing is Impossible

I just love this one. How many times have you though to yourself, "Hmm, maybe I can do this." Lots of times right? The truth is that you can. Set your mind to it (and I mean really have your heart set on it). The first step to success in life is to believe that your dreams can become reality. Then you have to actually do something about them. You can do it. Nothing, not a single thing, is impossible.


There Are Only 24 Hours in a Day, Use Wisely

Each day, you wake up is a blessing. You get twenty-four hours to eat, build your life, enjoy yourself and then recharge for the next day. As easy as it is to just spend your free time with the lovely 52 inch TV, don’t do that. Get out of your comfort zone. Really use each day to grow as a person. Never let a single day go by without doing something to make yourself and others around you happy. Take each day as if it were your last to make it your very best.


Today Will Never Be Tomorrow

Many people find themselves constantly preparing only for tomorrow without regard for today. At some point, today should be more important than tomorrow. You should not wait to enjoy your life because nothing is guaranteed. No matter what age you are, you are younger than you will be tomorrow. Therefore it is vital that you live like that. Live like each day is your chance to be all that you have ever wanted to be.


Your Life is Your Life

It is easy for others to plan out your life for you. Your mom wants you to become the best doctor out there. Your dad dreams of you taking over the family business. Even your friends have their own assertions in your life. The only thing is that it is YOUR life. You can do whatever it is that you want to do (within the law of course). Do not give up on taking your life in the direction that you want to go. Being alive is cool, but to truly live, you have got to do things for yourself when you can.

These points are blunt and hide nothing, but I think that’s what we all need. You have to remember who you are as a person to live right. Remembering these points will help you out, don’t you think so?

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The last words my grandpa said to me before he passed were "Don't rush. You don't need to have everything now." Important words that must have been meant just for me :). I have a lot on my plate and I an analyzer/worrier

Love love love this!

Wow thanks

Amazing!!! Great points, i hope you continue writing articles like this (:

Yes I truly agree, this article was a blessing thank you

Amazing article, looking forward for more. <3

I need to read this everyday to remind myself to follow these simple processes to live by, because they are so true!! Thank You

I love this!

I wish i could get my boyfriend to get up earlier on the weekends cause i only get so much time with him and all he does is sleep til 12 :( i think i value our time together more than he does :/

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