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8 Lifesaving Skills to Learn before You Reach 20 ...

By Stephanie

There are some things you simply must know how to do. Guest contributor Stephanie shares some crucial lifesaving skills to learn before you're 20!

As a teen, I found it very important to have certain skills that ended up being very helpful in the future. When we learn things at an early age, by the time we reach 20 and beyond we become experts and perform them better than before. If you are curious to know what these skills are, read on and find out.

1 How to Cook

Cooking is important because your parents aren't always going to be around to cook your favorite meals. Also as a lady, I think it’s just an important skill to know. It's fine if you are a lazy person and don't enjoy cooking big meals, but it’s very important to learn how to cook at least 5-7 simple meals.

2 Self-defense

Seriously ladies, self-defense. We all need this because you never know when you may get attacked. It's very handy to know some good butt kicking moves to save yourself from a dangerous situation. I would suggest some boxing classes or Krav Maga because these can actually save your life!

3 How to Sew

I carry a sewing kit everywhere I go because you never know when an accident might occur with the outfit you’re wearing. You can also learn how to create your own clothing and if you’re good at what you do, you may even want to consider becoming a fashion designer some day.

4 Different Hairstyles

It’s okay if you have a signature hairstyle, but I honestly love seeing different hairstyles every now and then because it screams creativity. I would even recommend learning how to cut, dye and style your hair by yourself without paying a professional to do it.

5 How to Use Cutlery

I remember a friend telling me a story about how lost she was at a formal party when it came to cutlery. Ladies, it's important to learn what cutlery should be used first, second and last when eating at a dinner table and also how they should be set on the table.

6 How to Use Hand Tools

As ladies, we should be familiar with screwdrivers, hammers and pliers because not only do we look fabulous holding these tools, we look even better when we know how to use them. Learning and being able to use these hand tools will be perfect when you need to fix appliances at home. That way you won't need to call, ask or wait for anyone to help.

7 Know a Second Language

You are likely to get hired faster when you know a second language. Learning a second language is obviously not easy because it takes much practice and time, but it makes your resume look even better than it was before. Plus it would be so much fun to actually travel to a foreign country where you can speak the language.

8 Learn to Drive

Driving is so important to learn before you turn twenty because eventually you can drive to school and work without worrying about public transport. It's fun to be able to drive yourself places because it gives you a sense of independence and you don't have to ask your family or friends to take you anywhere. I suggest if you don’t know how to drive and want to learn, you should first get your permit and get behind the wheels with an experienced driver. Always remember to wear your seat belts and pay attention on the road!

Now I’m not trying to push anyone to go and do anything that is out of their league, I just think it’s important to learn these things during your teen years. On that note ladies don’t wait until it’s it too late to learn how to do whatever you want, it’s important to start now. I hope my article was helpful!

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