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The Essential Ingredients of a Complete and Happy Life ...

By Holly

No matter how much money and success you earn in your life, you always stand the chance of feeling like something is missing. That's why you need to realize the difference between empty happiness and real happiness and look for ways to make your life happy. Once you find the latter, you'll feel like your life is complete. If you're not there yet, then here are a few essential ingredients for a happy life:

1 Finding True Love

black and white, emotion, You don't need to give or receive romantic love in order to feel complete. However, you do need some friends, family members, or pets that you love in order to experience complete happiness. Humans are needy creatures. We crave affection and like to feel like we're wanted. Whether you marry the love of your life or save a puppy from a shelter, it'll help you experience genuine happiness.

2 Fulfilling Your Dreams

Go., Live, your, dream., Maybe your dream is to sing onstage for a crowd full of people. Maybe your dream is to have children. Maybe your dream is to become the head of your firm. No matter what it is, you need to work your butt off until you accomplish it. Success won't make you all that happy if you you're working in a field that you're not passionate about. However, if you're working toward your dream, success will be the best feeling in the world.

3 Helping Others in Need

black, person, photograph, black and white, photography, You don't have to volunteer at a homeless shelter (even though it would be a nice thing to do). Instead, you can talk to your little cousin about the birds and bees, or help your friend get a job at your business. The more you help others, the better you'll feel about yourself. Sure, it's a selfish way to look at things, but it's also accurate.

4 Learning All about the World

person, hairstyle, blond, singing, WHAT, It's impossible to learn everything about the universe, especially since there are scientists who can't figure out certain things about the world. However, it's important to fill your brain with as much information as it can fit. It doesn't matter if you earn a college degree or if you learn random facts from Animal Planet. Either way, it'll make you better at holding conversations, which can gain you friends. Plus, it'll make you feel like you're a contributing member of society.

5 Being Independent

stage, music venue, musical theatre, sports, mobile device, If you always rely on your parents to cook for you and your partner to buy you meals, then you're going to have a relaxed life. However, you'll feel like something is missing, because we all crave the ability to care for ourselves. While it's easier to let others change tires and do your homework for you, you won't feel fulfilled if you let them take the reins. You need to learn how to be independent, because others won't always be around.

6 Finding Free Time

tree, Your life shouldn't revolve around your job. You need to have some fun with your friends and take vacations to get rid of your stress. If you're always working, even at a job that you love, life will feel repetitive. That's why you need to take some vacation days every once in a while.

7 Engaging in Your Guilty Pleasures

person, GUILTY, PLEASURE!, There are little things that will make your days worthwhile, like watching your favorite TV show and eating snack foods. If a certain activity makes you happy, then you should do it. Live your best life.

Once you discover all of these different things, you should be able to say that you're truly happy. Do you feel like any of these things are missing from you life?

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