Words Everyone Needs to Hear ...

By Bethaya

Words  Everyone  Needs  to Hear  ...

Last time I provided you with words everyone needs to hear on different occasions. Now I'm back with more words everyone needs to hear.

Today, I want to tell you words that everyone needs to hear when they are feeling really down. When someone triggers you. When you are so close to cracking and you just can’t take it anymore. If you’re depressed. If you’re lonely. If you’re anxious.

The first thing is that you’re not alone. If you are reading this, I am right here with you. Don’t worry. I can’t understand exactly what you’re going through but I can empathize. I have been through some dark times and I would often wonder “when will this end?”. It ended and I’m better now. The days can still be hard. That voice that tells me everything wrong with me still comes back but now I am strong enough to say “no”. One day you will be too.

I want these words to be the hug I cannot give you. I want these words to take you away from the tailspin. If you need these words often, save them. Put them in your notes and read it. It’s a letter to you. It’s yours to keep. If one letter isn’t enough, go to the last part. Now you have two. If two aren’t enough, please try to get in contact with me. I will write you a hundred more.

I went through it alone. I thought it made me stronger. Instead, it chipped away at me until there was almost nothing left. And I learned that there are lots words everyone needs to hear.

If you suffer silently, all you’ll do is suffer. If you share your suffering, I am almost positive that the suffering will stop one day.

I don’t want you to leave. This world is hard. Too many good people have left before they should have. Every day that you keep going is another day closer to being happy. You can’t be happy one day if you’re not here to be.

I think you matter. To someone out there, you really mean something. They might not express it well. They may not voice it at all.

They say that you have to do something big to make a mark on the world. But a lot of small marks can be better than one big one.

Would you rather have one big present or a bunch of small ones? Everything you do for someone is a small gift. They will cherish that gift. Maybe not today. Or tomorrow. But one day they will think about that gift you gave them and be appreciative.

So here is my small gift to you.

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