The Emotion That Rules Your Zodiac Sign ...


The Emotion That Rules Your Zodiac Sign ...
The Emotion That Rules Your Zodiac Sign ...

One of the most interesting things about the human brain is that it can produce so many different emotions! From happiness to sadness to jealousy to excitement and everything in between, emotions have the powers to rule our lives, to a point, in some people’s opinions, when you can be driven and defined by certain ones depending on the month that you were born! Here is the emotion that rules your life according to your zodiac sign.

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Whether you like it or not, you are controlled by your rage! Your first instinct is to fly off the handle at anything that makes you mad, and you spend a lot of time trying to stay calm and keep out of things!



You are controlled by your overwhelming ability to be calm. In fact, it is so hard to faze you or get you worked up that this is the thing that annoys people the most about you!



You are probably the happiest of all of the signs. You have a great talent of being able to forget your worries in favour of the positive in your life, which is a valuable emotion to be lead by!



You are very sensitive, and the emotion of being overwhelmed by something is a situation that you can often find yourself in. It’s just a case of navigating it calmly.



You are driven by your pride! You don’t like to be embarrassed or humiliated, so you will often only do things that you know you are good at to make sure that you don’t fail.



You are controlled by your anxiety, which can be a good thing when your gut tells you to avoid something, but a bad thing when your feelings prevent you from doing things that you otherwise would love to do.



Your world is controlled by your massive capacity for love! You are the definition of a ‘lover, not a fighter’ type of person, and you try to spread that affection wherever you go.



You don’t like it, but you can’t help but be guided most by your jealousy! You have a little bit of ‘me against the world’ complex that always results in holding grudges and being envious.



You have a wandering mind, and your curiosity is the thing that drives you to do all of what you do. You can sometimes find yourself in trouble because you can’t resist scratching that itch!



You are a hard worker who is fuelled by your huge determination. Once you set your mind to something, you can achieve anything!



You experience a lot of irritation, more than any other sign, and unfortunately your lack of patience is the thing that controls the outcome of most of your daily decisions.



You are guided by your creativity and feeling of inspiration that often comes from inventive ideas that you get.

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