What People Don't Understand about You Based on Your Zodiac Sign ...


What People Don't Understand about You Based on Your Zodiac Sign ...
What People Don't Understand about You Based on Your Zodiac Sign ...

As individual human beings with individual minds and personalities, it would be fair to say that there is a lot of information that we don’t understand about one another. After all, if we were all the same, life would be a kind of boring, repetitive cycle, wouldn’t it? Half of the fun of meeting a new person is in trying to work out what they are like and what makes them tick, and although you can gauge a lot about a person through intuition, there is always something that slips through the net! Here is what people don't understand about you based on your zodiac sign!

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You are much more independent than you seem. Sure, you like company and attention, but you are perfectly capable of succeeding in life on your own too.



The thing you crave most in the world security, of all kinds. Financial, emotional, everything. You aren’t as free-spirited as some people think.



You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. People might think you are dumb because you ask a lot of questions, but it’s just that you are seeking to know absolutely everything!



You are much softer than you come across at times. Some people think you are scary, but it’s all a front and they will see that if you let them into your inner circle.



You act like a cool, brave lion, but deep down you are actually one of the most sensitive signs. Things can hurt your feelings more than they would others.



You are someone who is constantly analysing actions and situations, nothing gets past you. You have army general level intuition!



You don’t often get fired up, but when someone crosses the line with you too many times, they will soon understand that you are not someone to be messed with.



Opposite to what people think when they see your fun-loving party antics, you are actually a very introspective person who spends a lot of time analysing and unpacking your feelings.



Despite your good job, good grades and upstanding character, deep down you are someone who is constantly fighting the urge to run and be free.



You might be the class clown on the outside, but inside you have a great capacity for seriousness and wisdom, something that can be very helpful to friends in need.



You are one of the most popular people in your social circles, but for some reason, people fail to understand that deep down you don’t really feel like you belong.



You are incredibly intuitive. You can pretty much assess and understand a situation before people have even revealed the full extent of it!

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