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How Your Zodiac Expresses Emotions ...

By Cassandra

We all have different coping mechanisms for when we're feeling down or stressed out. I sometimes find it really hard to admit when I'm feeling hurt or lost and almost always end up shutting down; it's almost as if putting it in words and sharing it with someone else makes it real. It wasn't until I recently started reading the occasional horoscope that I noticed that this was a common trait for Cancers. There's a lot that your zodiac sign can tell you about the way you deal with your emotions. Here's how your star sign comes into play.

1 Capricorn ♑

Although you're very practical, it's super hard for you to shake off your negative thoughts. You spend a lot of your time overthinking and overanalyzing different situations (big or small), like whether your bestie is more upset with you than she's letting on or if you should've gone with a different answer on that quiz.

2 Aquarius ♒

Being transparent and upfront about how you feel doesn't always come easy to you. As a result, you subconsciously try to distract yourself from your emotions rather than facing them head on. You completely bombed that important presentation you spent so much time working on - perfect excuse for a girls' trip.


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3 Pisces ♓

Sometimes, the stress is too much too handle; you feel like you're two seconds away from an emotional breakdown. When it feels like things aren't going right, you can get stuck in your head.

4 Aries ♈

You can't help it. You hate showing any vulnerability, so you tend to lash out. You've never shied away from showing how frustrated or angry you are - but when it comes to letting someone in and seeing that you're hurting, it isn't as simple.

5 Taurus ♉

Voicing how you feel can be overwhelming, which is why you end up internalizing a lot of things. It's not that you don't trust your friends or family to understand what you are going through, you would just rather deal with it on your own than tangle them up in your issue.

6 Gemini ♊

You're comfortable with venting your frustations to your friends. But there are times when you're unsure if you should reach out, and you end up bottling it all in.

7 Cancer ♋

Some days, you're an open book and very vocal about how you're feeling. When you're sad, you rely on your friends to support you and make you feel better. Other times, you'd rather be left alone and hide when something is bothering you.

8 Leo ♌

You are one of the most passionate signs, which means that you're not afraid to be honest and tell it like it is. The downside is that you don't always look past your own issues.

9 Virgo ♍

You're so used to dealing with things on your own that opening up to someone new freaks you out. You tackle your problems in a very practical, matter-of-fact way.

10 Libra ♎

You hate feeling like a burden to your friends, so you're very careful about what you share. You would never want your own emotions to affect your friends' moods.

11 Scorpio ♏

There are certain things that make you feel like you're going to EXPLODE. You don't mean it that way; letting it all out is the only way you can cope.

12 Sagittarius ♐

You have a passionate side, but it doesn't always come through. Rather than address your issues when they happen, you give yourself a chance to cool off and step away before you tackle it.

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