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9 Positive Thoughts to Think All Day Every Day ...

By Donatella

Life takes you on big waves that carry you up and down, but there are a few positive thoughts to think during the course of the day that will help you ride the waves more smoothly and not get motion sick. It’s not always easy to have positive thoughts at all times, but try to tell yourself these few as often as you can…even if you need to set alarm reminders!

1 Everyone around Me Loves Me

One of the most important positive thoughts to think during the course of your day is: everyone around me loves me. The more you tell yourself that the people around you love you, the more you will feel loved. Allow yourself the affirmation and open yourself up to feeling loved.

2 I Am Good at Everything That I do

Nobody is perfect, but you ARE perfect when you give your all and try your hardest to be your best self. By telling yourself that you are good at everything you do, you will slowly begin to realize just how special you are. You will also give birth to this beautiful voice inside your head that will encourage you along the way and help you feel unstoppable, no matter what life throws at you.

3 Today is an Awesome Day

Set the intention as soon as you wake up that today will be an awesome day! Things can go wrong or maybe not go as you planned for them to go, but by saying to yourself throughout the day that today is an awesome day, you will begin attracting awesome things to come your way. Don’t just say it… believe it!

4 I do Only What Makes Me Happy

Whose life are you living? If you’re living in the shadow of someone else, you’re not going to be happy. Begin telling yourself that it’s your life and that you will only do what makes YOU happy in your life. If your gut is telling you to turn right while the world is telling you to turn left, then just try turning right. You don’t want to live a life of “what ifs” so just do what makes you feel happy being in your own skin.

5 I Can Handle More than I Think I Can

This is a powerful affirmation. Empower and uplift your spirits throughout the day by thinking and believing that you can handle anything that you set your mind too. You can handle more than you think you can. If you’ve come this far, go farther. I believe in you and it’s time that you start believing in yourself!

6 I Will See the Good in Everything and Everyone

Being in a mental state of thanksgiving will help brighten any rainy day. Rather than scolding the driver who cut you off on your way to work, see that he was probably in a rush too. Rather than feeling bitter towards your friend who started flirting with your crush, see the good that maybe the guy is all wrong for you and it’s better that you don’t pursue him. It’s really tough to see things “glass half full” but just try it and see what happens.

7 I Am Calm and Relaxed

Life already goes by way too fast. There is no need to add more stress and anxiety to your life. By telling yourself throughout the day that you are calm and relaxed, you are training your brain to believe that you are more at ease. Try breathing exercises too - breath in, I am calm and relaxed, breath out, I am calm and relaxed. Picture yourself in your happy place.

8 Everything Always Happens for a Reason

I know this is most cliché saying ever…but do you really pay attention to the value and worth of the statement? Everything ALWAYS happens for a reason. Before you go all, “well how do you explain THIS…and THAT…this and that COULDN’T have happened for a reason because the outcome was sad or messed up!” just accept that we don’t know the reasons WHY things happen but somehow later in life you’ll look back and go “oh, yeah now it all makes sense”. This thought needs to have a positive connotation in your mind because it should be an assurance that your life is exactly where it needs to be right now, so let the cards fall where they may.

9 No Matter What, I Love Myself

Above all, tell yourself how much you love you. Even if everyone to your left and everyone to your right is against you, you will only be able to make it through the storm and see the rainbow on the other side if you love yourself above everything else. When someone has self-love, that someone is unstoppable.

Thinking this many positive thoughts may sound impossible or even tiring right now. Pick a few of your favorites or pick the one that really speaks to you the most and try applying it to your life little by little. If you want me to be your accountability partner, comment which thought is your favorite and keep me posted on how your days shift once you apply it to your every day life. Which positive thought will you apply to your every day life starting today?

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