How to Find Your Personal "Pot of Gold" ...


As a child, we were told that the pot of gold is found at the end of the rainbow. As a young adult, I learned that the phrase shouldn't be taken literally but should be viewed as inspiring symbolism to anyone who works hard to achieve his or her dreams. How a person defines his/her pot of gold is all up to him/her. Whether it's intangible (e.g. love or honor) or tangible (e.g. cellphone, house), the person has to decide on making it happen. Here are seven steps that will help you in finding your very own pot of gold:

1. Believe That It Exists

You will never find the pot of gold if you don't believe that it exists. Everything starts with a strong faith that something you want is there waiting for you to come and get it. Say it loudly and with conviction: "The pot of gold exists and I'm going to find it!"

Make It a Goal to Find It
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