Signs Your Busy Mind is Blocking Your Path to Happiness ...


Signs Your Busy Mind  is Blocking Your Path to Happiness ...
Signs Your Busy Mind  is Blocking Your Path to Happiness ...

There are some signs your busy mind is blocking your path to happiness. Are you one of the millions of people out there who, for reasons that you aren’t quite sure of, cannot seem to find the kind of true happiness that you want more than anything in the world? It might feel like you are the only person who is struggling in this way, but believe me when I say that you are not alone and that it is something that people are working through in every single corner of the globe. You might be looking for external reasons as to why the happiness you crave isn’t necessarily coming, but there could also be a very important internal factor that you might be ignoring. Here are some key signs your busy mind is blocking your path to happiness.

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You Have a Sloppy Brain

hand, muscle, finger, aggression, facial hair, "Sloppy brain" is a term that addresses the kind of feelings of clumsiness and distractedness that you can experience when your mind is so busy that it actually can’t settle itself and focus on one particular thing. It can be seen as a state of weakness or vulnerability and can leave you in an unhappy place, but it can be worked on if you start to strip back some of your responsibilities to help to clear the fog. Having sloppy brain is definitely one of the biggest signs your busy mind is blocking your path to happiness.


You Are Always Crazy Busy

hair, human hair color, blond, girl, socialite, When you are in crazy busy mode, you are doing so much that you are not really paying attention to any one particular event, thing or person, and as a result, it can sometimes feel like life is passing you by and you are just a spectator on a crowded train platform! A crazy busy mind can often lead to feelings of tiredness, meaning that you only have the energy to complete the necessary tasks rather than the fun ones.


You Run on Autopilot

, Autopilot might be an efficient way for your mind to work, but it can also often lead to the essential tasks in life being completed with little room left for doing things that will bring you real happiness and joy. Try to stop that running script of “I should do this, now I should do this” in your mind and try to convert it in to “I want to do this, now I want to do this”. You might find yourself motivated and energised to do more fun things.


You Suffer Information Overload

, You might be the kind of person who is very sensitive to the amount of information that is introduced to you. Some people don’t possess the filters that they need to remain balanced, especially during a time of heightened tension in the news. Try to ease your mind by staying away from social media and 24-hour news cycles as much as you can. Much of the information isn’t vital to you and only serves to make you even more unhappy.


You’re Guilty of Overthinking

photograph, black, person, beauty, black and white, Information overload can often lead to overthinking, and overthinking can lead to anxiety. Anxiety is one of the leading causes of extended unhappiness in the world and can cause stress that nobody deserves to feel.

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