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Signs You're More Intelligent than You Realize ...

By Deeceebee

There are some interesting signs you’re more intelligent than you realise. When it comes to intelligence, there are some people who vastly overestimate themselves, and then there are some people who vastly underestimate themselves! If you are a normal, humble kind of person, then the chances are that you are probably the kind of person who doesn’t like to admit that you are super clever and intuitive even if you are, and that is totally a part of human nature.

Alternatively, you might hold a genuine belief that you aren’t as intelligent as your family and friends, and this kind of attitude can sometimes be damaging to your self esteem and your self confidence. I like to think that every single person in the world is intelligent in their own unique ways: something that I am not familiar with, you might be a total expert on and vice versa. Just imagine how boring the world would be if we all knew exactly the same amount of information about exactly the same things!

Intelligence and cleverness come in all different shapes and sizes, so just because you aren’t a maths whizz or a science buff, it doesn’t mean that you should be classing yourself as an intellectual or learned person! Most of the time, the people who don’t consider themselves to be the cleverest are in fact that ones that know more than anybody. Are you perhaps in that category? Here is a fun video from The Bright Side that might be able to help. It gives a rundown of signs you are more intelligent than you realise!

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