Questions Therapists Ask That Can Help You Feel Happier ...


Questions  Therapists Ask That Can Help You Feel Happier ...
Questions  Therapists Ask That Can Help You Feel Happier ...

If you've been feeling down lately, there's nothing wrong with asking a therapist to talk to you about your situation. Of course, not everyone can afford to pay for one. If you don't have the money or the time to see a shrink, then there are questions you can ask yourself to boost your happiness. Here are a few of the ones that therapists commonly ask that can help you find true happiness:

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What is the Problem from Your Viewpoint?

If you visited a psychiatrist, you'd have to decide which area of your life to talk about first. That's what you should do right now. From your point of view, why do you think you're so unhappy? Is it because of the way your parents treat you, because of the stress school entails, or because your boyfriend is nasty to you? Once you figure out what you think the problem is, you can delve deeper into it to fix it.


What Makes the Problem Better?

If you're happier when you go a week without seeing your boyfriend, you should probably break up with him to keep that happiness going. However, if the only thing that makes you feel better is drugs or alcohol, then you need to find a new outlet for your pain.


If You Could Change Your Life, What Would You Change?

You don't have to be realistic when answering this question. If you think that being famous would solve your problem, then that can be your answer. You just have to think about why that would solve everything. If it's because you'd have enough money to pay the rent, then it means you should go out there and try to find a high paying job.


What Are You Looking Forward to?

Your life will feel a whole lot brighter if you have something fun to look forward to. It doesn't matter if you're excited for your wedding or for the next episode of Game Of Thrones to air. As long as you have something positive to focus on, you'll feel happier.


When Did the Issue Begin?

If the issue began when you started hanging out with a new girl, you might have to end your friendship. If the issue began after your parent's divorce, then you should talk to them to find a way to get closure. Whatever issue you have won't just disappear. You have to do something about it if you want to see results.


Why Does the Issue Cause Such an Intense Reaction from You?

If you freak out whenever you get a bad grade, you need to figure out why that is. Is it because you're worried about being stuck in a dead end job in the future? It it because you're worried about getting in trouble with your parents? Figuring out why you feel so strongly about an issue can help you learn how to deal with it.


Do You Feel Better than Yesterday?

If you feel even a tiny bit better today than you did yesterday, that's an improvement. Big changes don't happen overnight. They take time, so be proud of yourself for each little step you make.

You should never accept your unhappiness as a part of life, because you have the power to change your situation. Are there any tips or tricks that you've learned from seeing a therapist?

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