17 Wonderful Quotes to Calm You down when You're Pissed ...


17 Wonderful  Quotes to Calm You down when You're Pissed ...
17 Wonderful  Quotes to Calm You down when You're Pissed ...

Whoever said life was easy lied to you. It's as rough as it gets. But that's okay, because you can always pull yourself back up after you get knocked down. You're strong enough to keep your sanity and your dignity. But if you need some help, here are a few quotes that'll calm you down the next time you're pissed at the world:

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Count Your Rainbows

Instead of focusing on all of the horrible things that have happened to you, you should focus on the wonderful things that have happened to you.


People Always Talk

Don't get upset when people say mean things about you. Most of the time, they'll criticize you over something they know nothing about. They just like to hear themselves talk.


Quality of Your Thoughts

You're in charge of your own happiness. If you think happy thoughts, then you'll become a happier person. It's that simple.


Change Your Mind

If you want to change your life, you have to change the way you think about the world. Work on yourself before you start working on anything else.


Donut Worry

Puns should be able to cheer you right up. They're so stupid, they're funny.


Believe in Magic

You need to be optimistic. If you don't think anything good will happen to you, then it won't. Belief matters.


Love Yourself

Remember that you deserve to be loved. Ignore everything that society tells you, because you're smart and strong and beautiful.


Cup Half Full

Don't be pessimistic. You have the power to change any negative situation into a positive one.


How to Be Truly Happy

Follow these twelve rules, and you'll be a happier person in no time.



If you're thankful for all of the good things in your life, the world won't seem so harsh anymore. You need to keep things in perspective.


Life is Ironic

The good thing about being sad or annoyed or angry is that it'll help you realize how special happiness is. You wouldn't appreciate your smiles as much if you've never frowned.


Why It's so Hard to Be Happy

Your memories aren't as amazing as you're making them out to be. Your future won't be as bad as you're imagining it will be. And the present isn't as miserable as you think it is.


Admire the Beauty in Others

Just because another woman is beautiful, it doesn't mean that you're ugly. There are millions of gorgeous girls in the world.


Be Stronger

Don't make excuses for why you're always so miserable. Learn to love your life.


You Need to Work Hard

If you want to see results, you have to get off your booty and do something. Otherwise, your life will always remain the same.


Everything Has Beauty

It doesn't matter if anyone else realizes your beauty. All that matters if that you do.


Good Deeds

If you want to be happier, you should try to make other people smile. It's an easy way to feel better in general.

The next time you're upset, take a deep breath and read through these quotes. What other quotes have helped you calm down when you were in a horrible mood?

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