7 Quotes to Keep You Classy Sassy but Never Trashy ...


7 Quotes to Keep You Classy Sassy but Never Trashy ...
7 Quotes to Keep You Classy Sassy but Never Trashy ...

I think this’s the goal of most women. We want to have class while still being able to hold our own. Having both gentleness and strength is the answer. These are some quotes that offer inspiration on this subject to help you achieve this.

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Not Worrying What Others Think

Eiffel Tower,Sewing,text,font,handwriting, This very well known quote by Coco Chanel is a reminder not to let people get under your skin. Their problems with you are their problems. And you certainly shouldn’t give them valuable head space. This quote is helpful in dealing with the difficult people in your life. Refuse to give them a place in your head or your heart.


Speak Wisely

MCS Classicare,Boston Winery,Fifty 50,text,font, Sometimes what you say can get you into trouble. I’ve been there before and I’m sure most of you have as well. Remembering this quote can help you to avoid being there again. Use your words carefully to prevent hurting others. It’s not always easy to repair relationships after you’ve hurt someone.


Words have immense power, both to lift someone up and to bring them tumbling down. The next time you feel like making a cheeky retort or gossiping without thinking of the consequences, pause and ponder the potential impact of your speech. Choose kindness over wit, compassion over critique. It's a quiet strength to hold your tongue rather than let loose a sharp word that you may soon regret. And remember, once said, words can be forgiven, but rarely forgotten. Don't let your legacy be one of thoughtless words, but rather of mindful communication that empowers and respects others.


Let Your Behavior Speak for You

text,font,line,brand,shape, This bit of wisdom by Margaret Thatcher captures an important message. Your behavior will speak for you. If you’re a woman of class then trust that it’ll show. You won’t have to tell others what kind of person you are because they’ll know. Being classy yet sassy is a combination that’s strong and commands respect from others.


Don’t Lower Yourself to Their Level

text,font,wood,logo,brand, I know this’s very hard. I won’t argue with that at all. Someone treats you unkindly and all you want to do is retaliate. While you’ll have times that you do need to defend yourself, resist the urge to strike back at others in revenge. Choosing to rise above the situation and be kind in spite of their actions will do two things. It’ll make you feel very good about yourself and it’ll get to them in a way that vengeful behavior never could.


Rely on Your Inner Strength

text,font,product,logo,brand, Life is hard but you can’t let it knock you down. My Dad gave me a very good piece of advice that reflects this quote well. He told me that there’d be times in life when things got rough and your only choice was to get rough back. In other words, be strong and hang in there. I’ve always treasured this bit of wisdom my Dad shared with me and it’s helped me through various situations down through life and I hope it helps you, as well.


Trust Others to Show Their True Colors

human action,text,product,font,advertising, It’s difficult when you feel someone is treating you unfairly or talking about you without cause. But hang in there. In time, people will see that person for what they truly are. Most people are very good at seeing through drama and rumors. The truth always comes out.


Realize Your Attitude Matters

text,font,handwriting,product,line, I think it’s easy to underestimate how important it is to have a good attitude. But if you think of some of the women you know that work hard to have a good attitude then you’ll realize they have a loveliness about them that has nothing to do with their makeup or hairstyle. Your smile and the attitude behind it can be your most beautiful feature. Audrey Hepburn captured this message well when she made this statement that’s become a very famous quote.

Now, it’s your turn. What inspires you to stay classy, sassy but never trashy? I can’t wait to read your answers.

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Loveeee every bit of this

I love reading your articles x

#2 is my favorite!



This really helps a lot!! Thank you!! Keep inspired to all women's out there! Xx

Enjoyed reading this.... And one day I will be confident enough to wear that beautiful blue dress in your first photo. :)

Thank you 😋😋😋

Today I realised that one of my closest friends isn't a true friend, and after reading this it made me feel a little better. Thank you!

These are great!

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