7 Powerful Words That Confident People Always Use ...


If you want to develop self-confidence and learn how successful people think, here are a few powerful words that confident people always use. You can live the life of your dreams if you just use the right words sometimes. You may also need to change some limiting beliefs that you formed years ago, to overcome some fears or to simply take yourself out of a situation where others undermine your abilities. It’s amazing how sometimes a single word can convey a lot of power and confidence, so the words that you use on a regular basis can say a lot about what type of person you are, just like your clothes or your body language. Here are 7 powerful words that you should build into your vocabulary if you want to be more confident:

1. Can

This is definitely one of the most powerful words that you should include in your vocabulary if you want to feel more confident. Just remove all the words that are noncommittal, like “try”, “maybe”, “probably” or “might”. If you know that you have the ability to do a certain thing, then just say you can do it.

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