When Sadness Finds You by Erin Hanson ...


When Sadness Finds You by Erin Hanson ...
When Sadness Finds You by Erin Hanson ...

When Sadness Finds You by Erin Hanson

They say happiness will find you,
But I think sadness will find you too,
It sneaks up on you in darkness,
Just when you think you've made it through,
It opens holes in what was solid ground,
The kind you never know are there,
Until you go to take another step,
And find you're standing over the air,
The world around you passes by,
In blurs of colour and sound,
Nothing around you making sense,
As you continue you plummet down,
You can't remember how it started,
And you don't know when it will end,
But you know that you'd give anything,
To stand up on your feet again,
Sadness is that feeling,
When the falling doesn't stop,
And it saps your life of meaning,
And of the good things that you've got,
So when you finally hit rock bottom,
And you look back up at the sky,
What you once had seems so far away,
The only thing left to do is cry,
People all yell out "save yourself",
Calling things about "happiness" and "hope"
But they're too busy with their lives to realise,
It'd be a lot quicker if they let down a rope.

You can never expect anything from people, even the ones who love you have their cares and worries too. It's hard when you're down and they don't even know it. You fight hard for those memories not to sneak up because you work so hard to bury it and forget it. Sadness hits you sometimes just out of the blue, and you have to fight it over and over again until your heart would truly let go. Emotions are part of us, we can't escape them but we can work our way through them - sadness, pain, and negative thoughts creep in no matter how hard you seal it, somehow it will leak. And the hardest thing is, all you need is a pinch of understanding that would be enough to let it out and move on. Forgiving yourself for making a fool out of you is a tremendous undertaking, but it starts with you. You have to forgive yourself over and over again and accept that you are another human and you are the one who has the power to redirect things in your life, loving yourself isn't selfish, it's necessary.

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Is this from a personal experience?

this poem is really fully based on me

Thanksss πŸ’—πŸ’—

how do i kms

This is amazing and so true. Bravo, my breath is truly taken away.

I don’t know who you are, but well said. I’m so happy this came up on my timeline, I’m feeling a whole lot better now πŸ’–

So trueeee

this poem is really fully based on me

how do I love myself if my sadness won't let me?

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