13 of the Most Inspiring Quotes for Overcoming a Life Crisis ...

Whether you’re overcoming a recent breakup or suffering any other kind of heartache, I’d like to encourage you with some especially wonderful quotes for overcoming a crisis. I know it’s no easy task to survive something tough in your life, and although doing so can make you stronger, it can be tough through the midst of the journey. We’ve all had hardships in life, and I have always found that though they don’t work magic overnight or make the heartache disappear, certain quotes for overcoming obstacles are pretty amazing at helping you see things in a new light. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite quotes for overcoming a crisis. I've also added my take on each one. Each one is especially personal to me, in its own unique way.

1. Walter Anderson

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This quote is one of my favorite inspirational sources for finding quotes for overcoming a crisis, because it teaches us that even though bad things happen to us, they truly do help make us a better person in the end. No matter what bad things have happened to me, I've realized that how I choose to act directly affects the outcome, and that it can affect how other see me as well. .

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