7 Empowering Quotes from Marilyn Monroe ...

By Cassandra

7 Empowering Quotes from Marilyn Monroe ...

Quotes from Marilyn Monroe have inspired countless people around the world. Both her stage presence and her repertoire of empowering words have managed to transcend the entertainment industry. It's no wonder that she was able to win over the hearts of millions despite her troubled life and short-lived career. Her impact is certainly unquestionable, leading to the creation of this list of empowering quotes from Marilyn Monroe.

1 Money

"I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful."

Because of the incredibly raw and honest message behind it, this has become one of my favorite quotes from Marilyn Monroe. Often paraphrased, the overall point is that money should not be the sole factor in your happiness; materialistic goods and gains aren't everything.

2 Hollyweird

“Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul. I know, because I turned down the first offer often enough and held out for the fifty cents.”

Your self-integrity is worth more than popularity or widespread approval. While Monroe refers to Hollywood as being a superficial place, this sentiment can be applied to many instances. The overall point is that you should always stay true to yourself and hold your talent in the highest regards.

3 Respect

"Respect is one of life's greatest treasures. I mean, what does it all add up to if you don't have that?"

Regardless of what anyone thinks of you, it is important to have self-respect. You should always have faith in yourself and trust your own instincts. Allowing the opinions of others to dictate the course of your life will only hinder your happiness. If people are quick to judge you, it shows that you are living a life worth envy.

4 Regrets

"Fear is stupid. So are regrets."

I love this quote because of its ambiguous nature. Failing to accomplish something is never an excuse to either stop trying to reach your goal or regret something that has already happened. Get rid of your fear and believe in your ability to succeed. There are countless opportunities to grow and learn, meaning that there is never any reason for you to be dejected by any falsely assumed limitations.

5 Woman

"I'm very definitely a woman and I enjoy it."

Because of its positive nature, this quote has stuck with me. I love the fact that this line contains feminist undercurrents. I took it to mean that there's nothing wrong with embracing who you are; confidence is key.

6 Listen

"I disappeared because if people won't listen to you, there's no point in talking to people. If they won't listen, you're just banging your head against a wall."

You shouldn't have to compromise your thoughts and ideas just because people are hesitant to accept them and refuse to listen. Continue to follow your dreams and the rest will fall into place; you don't need to be heard to take a stand for what you believe in.

7 Self-Esteem

"You can read about yourself but what's important is how you feel about yourself."

Lastly, these words couldn't be any more true. Reflecting inwardly allows you to become in tune with your body, mind and soul. Try to find ways to raise your self-esteem; what other people have to say about you isn't as important as what you know to be fact. I've always found the saying "You are your own worst critic" to be quite accurate.

As an iconic figure, Marilyn Monroe has enthralled a diverse audience. While there are many inspirational quotes that are currently circulating around under the guise of being said by Ms. Monroe, the words mentioned above seem to capture her true character and overall essence. What are your favorite films featuring this beloved actress?

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