7 Inspirational Quotes by Inspirational Women ...


7 Inspirational Quotes by Inspirational Women ...
7 Inspirational Quotes by Inspirational Women ...

We all feel a little defeated every now and again, so for when the world knocks you down, remember these inspirational quotes by inspirational women. All these women stand out for their own merits, and are women who can help us face the day even on that dreary damp Monday morning! Here are some of my very favorite inspirational quotes by inspirational women.

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Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey This lady needs little introduction and these words top the list of inspirational quotes by inspirational women. Oprah represents overcoming any circumstance and has turned her own experiences into a source of strength and determination. She smashed boundaries based on race and gender and uses her influence to help others achieve their goals and celebrate their accomplishments.


Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I Now, this is my inner history geek forcing her way out to the surface, but none the less this is an inspirational quote for women everywhere. Warning: the following sentences contain a short history lesson! Queen Elizabeth, the first queen to rule alone who refused a marriage of duty and obligation, unless she could marry for love. She instead chose to part with tradition and ruled England, becoming one of the most admired English monarchs of all time. These words are from a speech she famously delivered when faced with battle where she herself promised to take up arms and fight Europe’s most powerful country. She changed the way women in power were viewed and proved any woman can hold her own whatever the arena.


Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn Ms. Hepburn has become an icon of style and beauty in her own right. Her beautiful face and astounding talent captured the hearts of men and women alike, and young girls in their early teens admire her today. But, not only was she an inspiration for these obvious factors, she was also a humanitarian who carried herself with poise, grace and kindness. Her legacy continues with the Audrey Hepburn Children’s foundation. These words, as do many others of her famous quotes remind us of the important things in life: Love, hope, happiness and strength. Look up the rest of this beautiful quote - it's worth the 15 seconds on Google, trust me.


Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Picking my favourite Dolly Parton quote is like trying to pick my favourite chocolate from a luxury box. Whatever your opinion about country music, Dolly is the undisputed queen, and she didn’t get there without intelligence, guts and grit – and of course a healthy dose of sequins. She chooses to portray herself in her own image of country glam (and rocks it!) and makes no apologies for who she is. There’s so much pressure on women to be able to do it all (which, of course, we can!) but this quote reminds us to do what WE want, to stick to OUR terms and to do it OUR way. Good for her.


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe These words come from the supreme of female beauty, which is sometimes overshadowed by the tragic circumstances of her untimely death. Despite being the most adored beauty on the planet, she was open about her insecurity and her very human flaws. What we need to learn from Norma Jeane is that we’re all flawed, none of us are perfect and that’s absolutely fine. Those who love us, do so when we’re at our worst so embrace your mistakes and forgive yourself.


Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt This is a very famous quote by an iconic woman. Mrs. R was one of the first First Ladies who made waves herself for doing more than being the president’s wife. She was a believer in following the path that was right for you, which is something we should adopt in our everyday lives. If we can look back at our lives and honestly say that we did the things that have been done because we believed them to be right in our hearts, then whatever judgements we face are irrelevant. Inspiring words by an inspiring woman.


Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel Very well said! Coco taught us that women should be proud to be women and not be forced into social constraints. As well as being a role model for fashion, she was also a confidence role model for women everywhere. By exuding femininity in her own way, she represented class in all her actions and believed that a woman should always know her worth, and should give a vice to what’s in her mind.

All these inspirational women have made waves in their lifetimes and the ripples will forever resonate with women of all ages. It is far too easy to forget our worth when we get lost in the chaos of life, and to lose sight of the important things These women help me focus when life is a blur and I hope these quotes reminded you of your strength and your value. Who inspires you and why?

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I love Audrey Hepburns! :3

Marilyn is not an inspirational women in my opinion. She was known for being very beautiful.....and......and?....oh yeah nothing else because she was nothing but a pretty girl.

Where is Mother Teresa

The first one is Oprah quoting Gandhi

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