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Ellen DeGeneres is my favorite comedian on TV and the best Ellen DeGeneres quotes sum up why she is amazing and how inspirational she can be. She has such an incredible outlook on life that I think more people should share. No matter what hardship or situation you are in, there are some great Ellen DeGeneres quotes to inspire you to be a better person and live life in the best way possible.

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“Most Comedy is Based on Getting a Laugh at Somebody else's Expense. and I Find That That's Just a Form of Bullying in a Major Way. so I Want to Be an Example That You Can Be Funny and Be Kind, and Make People Laugh without Hurting Somebody else's Feelings.”

Of all of the Ellen DeGeneres quotes, this one is my favorite. It sums up the reason Ellen is so famous and hilarious. She does not bully others to get a laugh; she treats everyone with respect and kindness. I think this quote is so inspirational because it shows that bullying is no excuse to get a laugh from others. Bullying is so prevalent in our society, and Ellen is a great example of how to be kind to others and still spread laughter.


“if We're Destroying Our Trees and Destroying Our Environment and Hurting Animals and Hurting One Another and All That Stuff, There's Got to Be a Very Powerful Energy to Fight That. I Think We Need More Love in the World. We Need More Kindness, More Compassion, More Joy, More Laughter. I Definitely Want to Contribute to That.”

All too often we overlook the big picture of our world. We tend to focus on our little lives and the bubbles we live in, but what if we paid attention to everything around us? Would we want to put more happiness and laughter in the world? Ellen recognizes how much negative energy we put into society and she actively tries to counteract that with her joy and laughter. Maybe it is time we take a page from her book and spread the joy?


“Just Go up to Somebody on the Street and Say 'You're It!' and then Run Away.”

When was the last time you acted like a little kid? This quote is so simple yet speaks such volumes. It can inspire you to stop taking everything so seriously and just be yourself. Jump in a puddle, make a funny face, play tag, just be a kid again. When you take yourself too seriously, you forget how important it is to have fun and let go of all of your inhibitions.


“Sometimes You Can't See Yourself Clearly until You See Yourself through the Eyes of Others.”

We live in an appearance-obsessed society where we place so much of an emphasis on how we look. Our perceptions of ourselves become skewed because we are so focused on how we appear to others. In reality, no one really pays that much attention to every little detail of you. If you take some time to think about the way others actually view you and where they place their emphasis, you might spend more time perfecting your kindness and personality rather than your hair and clothes.


“I Learned Compassion from Being Discriminated against. Everything Bad That's Ever Happened to Me Has Taught Me Compassion.”

If someone as perfect as Ellen DeGeneres can be discriminated against, you can be sure that we have all been discriminated against at one point or another. What is important is that we take our hardships and use them to turn us into better people. You cannot have true compassion without knowing what a struggle is. Next time things are not looking your way, remember this quote and use it to inspire yourself to learn from your struggles.


“It's Our Challenges and Obstacles That Give Us Layers of Depth and Make Us Interesting. Are They Fun when They Happen? No. but They Are What Make Us Unique. and That's What I Know for Sure... I Think.”

Everyone has a story or a hardship they have had to overcome. Rather than put others down for their hardships, learn to appreciate them. It gives them a new layer of being and makes them their own individual person. No two people have the same story. This quote is proof that hardships don’t have to bring us down, they can turn us into a new and improved person. And that is something really important to remember when we are experiencing those hardships firsthand.


“Even before I Knew I Was Gay, I Knew I Didn't Want to Have a Child. I Knew I Didn't Want to Have One. I Never Want to Have to Release It from Me. Listen, I Love Babies. I Love Children. and I Melt when I'm around Them. I Also Love My Freedom and I Love That I Can Sleep at Night.”

Most women have felt the pressure to have children at one point in their life. And that is great if you want to have children, but what if you don’t? You should not have to feel guilty for not falling into society’s idea of what women should want. Regardless of if you like children or not, it is your decision if you want to have them and you should never feel pressured to make such a huge life decision based on societal standards.


“While I Was Doing Stand-up, I Thought I Knew for Sure That Success Meant Getting Everyone to like Me. so I Became Whoever I Thought People Wanted Me to Be. I'd Say Yes when I Wanted to Say No, and I Even Wore a Few Dresses.”

This quote means so much to me because it shows that there is more than one route to success. You don’t have to do the traditional 9 to 5 job, wear suits all day, and sit behind a desk. You can make your own route to the life you want to live. Don’t say “yes” when you want to say “no” and never sacrifice yourself because you think it will help you be more successful or well-liked.


“so Many People Prefer to Live in Drama Because It's Comfortable. It's like Someone Staying in a Bad Marriage or Relationship - It's Actually Easier to Stay Because They Know What to Expect Every Day, versus Leaving and Not Knowing What to Expect.”

Why stay comfortable in something when you have the option to go on an adventure? This is one of my favorite Ellen DeGeneres quotes because it inspires me to take risks. I can’t plan my life out and I don’t want to live in an unhappy situation because it is comfortable. Life is an adventure, so take advantage of it and never stay in anything that makes you unhappy.

If we all take these quotes as inspiration, I believe the world would be a better place. People would laugh more, spread more joy, and be themselves. What did you think of these inspirational Ellen DeGeneres quotes? Do you know of any other Ellen DeGeneres quotes that speak to you? What is your favorite thing about Ellen DeGeneres?

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She's awesome! :)

I just love 3! Ellen is truly amazing :)

What about "just keep swimming?"

I love Ellen. I don't want kids either and I'm glad that there is someone in this world who shares the same opinion. Others cringe like its a crime to not have kids. Nope, it's my body, my choice. Thanks Ellen!!

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