Nix These πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‡ Things to Be Instantly ⏱ Happier 😁 ...

It's always a good time to make changes and get rid of things that are making you unhappy. Some of the most effective changes you can make are putting right the mistakes of the past and totally saying goodbye to other things. Here’s my list of things that sabotage your happiness and are definitely things to say goodbye to.

1. β€˜Diets’

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One of the key things to say goodbye to and be happier is the concept of a diet. Rather than trying to starve yourself to lose a few pounds only to put them back on later, you should be looking to alter your lifestyle in a more permanent way so that you no longer suffer the ups and downs of dieting. A new you should be a happier, more content you, not just somebody who yo-yos up and down.

2. Destructive Relationships

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You know the types of relationships I mean; those ones that have been hanging around, decreasing in satisfaction for years but that are easier to keep bad than cut off altogether. Well now is the time to cut them off. Make this year about your happiness rather than trying to avoid a short-term confrontation.

3. Following Trends

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Don’t get too caught up with trying to adhere to all of the β€˜top trends’ lists that make appearances at the beginning of every new year. Life is hard enough without trying the meet the ideals of a group of people who you don’t know and will never meet. Do what makes you happy and don’t worry about the standards and expectations of strangers!

4. Fear of Trying

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Those who never try, never succeed. You should keep that phrase in mind when you come to a point this year where you are confronted with stepping outside of your comfort zone to experience something new. Opening yourself up to trying new things is what adds spice and variety to life, so let 2016 be a spicy year for you!

5. Saying β€˜I Don’t Know’

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If you work on eliminating this phrase from your vocabulary, you will be surprised just how much more of a confident and decisive person you will become in 2016. Striving for an answer or reason to your thoughts rather than leaving them unexplained will give you and those around you much more clarity. Saying β€˜I don’t know’ is the easy way out of discussions. Don’t take the easy way out, engage with people!

6. Self-Limiting Beliefs

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Don’t hold yourself back by believing that you can’t do something, even though you have never tried it before and don’t know either way. Ridding your mind of your β€˜can’t do’ attitude can actually help you to see that you are much more capable than you ever thought. The world is your oyster!

7. Self-Hate

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There is enough negativity in the world without your own self getting you down! Self-hate can be toxic, and can change your personality in a way that turns other people off you as well. Try to be a more positive individual in 2016 and you will see how more opportunities open up for you.

8. Anything Ex Related

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Exes, and anything pertaining to them, belong in the past. You will never fully be able to move on with a new year and new chapter if you are still stuck in those times. Rid yourself of anything that reminds you of him and don’t look back.

9. Regrets

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Having regrets is a natural human instinct, but how you let these regrets affect you in most certainly in your control. Rather than obsessing over them, look at them as life lessons learned and instead of being sad, strive to not make those same mistakes again when confronted by similar situations in any year.

There is no need to wait for a specific time to make changes that will make you happier. It’s just that doing it at the beginning of the year is traditional and it focuses the mind.

What are you saying goodbye to so you can move onward and upward this year?

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