Little Everyday Things That Give Insight into Your Personality ...


Little Everyday Things That Give Insight into Your Personality ...
Little Everyday Things That Give Insight into Your Personality ...

You don’t need to major in psychology to understand yourself better. There are all sorts of ways of getting an insight into what makes you tick. Your everyday behaviors and general characteristics can be very telling about your personality. In fact, they can reveal some powerful truths. Interested? Let’s go then …

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Your Top 5 Daily Habits

The things that you find yourself doing every single day without fail are obviously a huge part of your wider personality, whether it’s stopping to get coffee from the particular vendor or making sure you go to the bathroom in the same stall at work every day. Little things mean a lot! At the very least they will be indicators of things you like and don’t like.


What You like to do when You Are Alone

Perhaps the most natural state you can be in is when you are completely alone, so it makes sense that the things you like to do when nobody else is watching are most indicative of your true personality. It’s a fact that the most shy people in crowds usually like to let their freak flags fly behind closed doors. Does this sound like you or somebody you know?


The Things Truly Entertain You

A lot of people pretend to like certain movies, shows and music in order to be able to join in with the water cooler machine talk at work, but it is in the more niche, personal things that you can really see what a person’s personality is like. Do you have things that you secretly enjoy that you don’t talk about? You should open up, that’s a big part of your personality to be hiding!


Your Favorite Color

A person’s favorites color can reveal a lot about their personality before you have even had an in-depth conversation with them. For example, the color red is favored by confident and socially aggressive people, whereas a color like green tends to allude to a more controlled and intelligent mind. Black is another color that alludes to confidence. Read more here


The Things That Make You Laugh

Laughter is one of the purest forms of human emotion, so the things that can evoke this emotion in you are integral to your personality. The interesting thing about comedy is that it is so varied, so the particular forms that make you laugh are really important!


The Secrets That You Keep

The little secrets that you keep and carry with you on a day-to-day basis can say a lot about what type of person you are. If they are someone else’s secrets that you are keeping, then you can be deemed a very trustworthy person, but if you are keeping things from other people for your own benefit, then there is definitely something more calculated going on in your head!


What Kind of Sacrifices You Make

You can tell a lot about a person from the things that they are willing to sacrifice for other people. The most petty among us will be very stubborn and not want to give up anything of their own for the benefit of others, but if on a daily basis you find yourself giving up your seat on the train, going somewhere else for lunch to avoid argument etc., then that says a lot of positive things about your personality.


The Way That You like to Unwind

You can often discern key personality traits from the way that different people like to unwind. It might be comfort food that helps you relax, it might alcohol, it might be sex, it might be checking your brain at the door and binge watching Real Housewives … all of these different choices are individual indicators of your personality!


The Manner in Which You Talk about Yourself

You get some people who are more than happy to talk about themselves and list off their accomplishments, and then you get some people whose worst nightmare is to have to sell themselves verbally to another person. I wouldn’t say that one is worse than the other, but the way that you choose to talk about and describe yourself is crucial to determining your personality.


The Way You Deal with Arguments

How you address and deal with confrontation is a really big indicator of your overall personality. Do you fly off the handle at the slightest hint of trouble and get stuck in without learning the facts, or do you take a more measured, mature approach and try to work out a resolution before things are said that neither party can take back?


How You Respond to Meanness

There is lot to learn from the way the people treat those who are mean and rude to them. There is a distinct split between those who choose to ‘take the high road’ and try to rise above the insults, and then there are those who love nothing more than to take it to the trenches and start a damn war! Are you one of those two extremes, or do you operate somewhere in the middle?


How You Treat Those in Need

A lot can be learned about a person with regards to how they respond to people who are in need. There is something undeniably clear about your personality depending on whether you choose to ignore somebody who needs help or if you decide to try to help them. This can be related to something like helping somebody on the street or giving money to charity.


What Failure Actually Means to You

Some people can be seen to be defeatist if they think that they are a failure at the very first sign of struggle on any particular task or journey. You can either give up and move on to something else, or you can see failure as a challenge for you to better yourself and not let the particular challenge get the better of you. Some people choose to move on, others will stay and fight!


By the Things That You Find Yourself Daydreaming about

Daydreams are interesting because you have much more control over them than your night dreams. The kinds of things that you find yourself daydreaming about during the day when you should be focusing on something else are obviously very important to your personality, because they are overriding real life responsibilities and forcing you to wander!


Your Handwriting

If you want to understand yourself through your handwriting, you’ll need to do a bit of research but handwriting analysis has long been a method of profiling and characterizing, both professionally and for fun.


Your Carriage

How you walk and carry yourself is a good indication of some facets of your personality but it’s also easy to confuse this with mood – like how you might shrink into yourself when you’re feeling down or don’t want to go somewhere. But think about your usual posture and carriage. Do you stride forcefully, do you sashay, swing your hips, or are you a shuffler?


How You Want to Be Remembered

Thinking about your own legacy is not something that everybody does, and that is an indicator of personality right off the bat, but if you do think about it, what kind of legacy are you looking to leave behind? Do you want to be remembered as kind, funny, powerful, beautiful or something else? The key trait that someone wants to be remembered for can be very revealing.

So I haven't gone into great detail here but it’s a good overview and certainly food for thought. Think about which areas /factors interest you most and go learn about what they say about you. I’m sure you’ll find it fascinating.

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