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9 Fab Things to Remember when Life Feels Too Hard to Handle ...

By Allison

Tough times happen to us all, even to those people who seem like they have everything together. Some people know how to cope with difficult life challenges better than others. The secret is having a positive attitude, which can change any situation around. Here are 9 fab things to remember when life feels too tough to handle.

1 It is What It is

black, facial expression, white, black and white, hair, You're only suffering if you refuse to accept reality. If there's nothing you can do in your power to change something, you can either just accept the situation and get rid of negative thoughts, or wallow in self pity forever. Happiness and peace will come from acceptance.

2 It's a Problem if You Think It is

image, art, screenshot, underwater, Think, We really are our worst critics. Once you realize that you have the power to choose happiness, great things will happen. If you make something a problem, you will constantly be full of negative thoughts. If you look at a situation and seek to know what lessons you can learn, it won't seem like a problem at all.

3 Change Yourself to Change Things

person, screenshot, You, can't, change, Everyone knows someone whose lives seem like stress and pure chaos. Did that happen by accident, or were those stresses brought upon themselves? Changing circumstances doesn't always lead to happiness. Once you choose to change yourself, your world will then change.

4 Failure is False

FROM, FAILING,, YOU, LEARN., FROM, Our mistakes and failures often lead to new learning experiences and life lessons. Get rid of the word 'failure' from your vocabulary and replace it with 'learning opportunity' and you'll be surprised at what a difference it will make. It means that next time you'll be that much better at whatever it is you're doing.

5 Something Better is around the Corner

Freeform, face, person, head, brown hair, This can be a hard one to believe, but look back on a rough time in your life. Is it that difficult to see where that lead you? Our mistakes bring us to bigger and better things. So, you didn't get your dream job. What opportunities appeared after that one door was closed? Most likely, another door opened that ended up being better than you expected. It's true--everything happens for a reason.

6 Live in the Moment

face, nose, mouth, organ, black hair, Life is precious, so why not enjoy the present? Don't let today pass you by, and don't just live for the weekend. Think of all of the days you've wasted in anticipation for some grand tomorrow. Make the most of today and you will waste no more days.

7 Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

hair, black and white, person, image, photography, Don't compare your beginning to someone else's lifetime achievement. Everyone has to start off somewhere. Olympians didn't just wake up one day and decide they were going to compete. Practice makes perfect, so who knows where you'll be five, ten, or fifty years from now.

8 Be Grateful for Your Fears

human action, face, person, nose, photography, Overcoming fears brings you closer to achieving and accomplishing. If you have a fear of public speaking, tackle it head on and sign up for a public speaking class. It feels amazing once you've overcome your fears.

9 Do Something Fun

cartoon, ecosystem, illustration, Adventure, time!, People that never have fun and let their hair down have more stress and anxiety and tend to only focus on their problems. Book a weekend getaway and take a new adventure.

Once you choose happiness and see the bright side of even the worst situations, you will be so full of positive energy that nothing can bring you down. Throw kindness around like confetti. Be the reason someone smiles today. Choose to see the good stuff.

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