Personal Flaws πŸ˜” You Should Learn to Embrace πŸ€— Because They Aren't ❌ Exactly Flaws ...

It’s probably impossible to find a woman who says she is 100% happy with her body. Every one of us probably has something we don’t like/wish we could change.

But we should all remember that what we might see as a flaw others don’t and also, these characteristics are part of what makes you, you. They all add to your uniqueness. These characteristics should be embraced because they aren’t really flaws:

1. Freckles

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Why are you spending so much time trying to hide your freckles? They are absolutely adorable and, in my opinion, are one of the very cutest ways that you can be distinguished from others. People spend so much time trying to cover them up that they forget the natural beauty underneath the makeup.

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