Personal Flaws You Should Learn to Embrace Because They Aren't Exactly Flaws ...


Personal Flaws You Should Learn to Embrace Because They Aren't Exactly Flaws ...
Personal Flaws You Should Learn to Embrace Because They Aren't Exactly Flaws ...

It’s probably impossible to find a woman who says she is 100% happy with her body. Every one of us probably has something we don’t like/wish we could change.

But we should all remember that what we might see as a flaw others don’t and also, these characteristics are part of what makes you, you. They all add to your uniqueness. These characteristics should be embraced because they aren’t really flaws:

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hair, person, clothing, image, blond, Why are you spending so much time trying to hide your freckles? They are absolutely adorable and, in my opinion, are one of the very cutest ways that you can be distinguished from others. People spend so much time trying to cover them up that they forget the natural beauty underneath the makeup.


Small Breasts

clothing, swimwear, beauty, supermodel, muscle, Breast size is one of those cyclical things that has a spectrum of opposing opinions. Women with large ones want small ones and women with small ones want large ones! At the end of the day it’s not the size that matters; it’s how you carry yourself that exudes sexuality and personality.


Large Breasts

hair, black hair, person, clothing, photography, They deserve a shout out of their own too! A lot of women who are self-conscious about their large chests tend to over dress and hold themselves in a way that doesn’t allow their true beauty to shine through. Don’t be ashamed of your big bazookas!


Junk in the Trunk

white, clothing, human positions, leg, girl, Come on, there is no need to be upset or self-conscious about your curves and booty, where have you been for the last 15 years!? Superstars like J-Lo and Nicki Minaj have brought the big booty back to the big time, and you should be proud of your body!


Curly Hair

hair, face, hairstyle, nose, long hair, It’s time to throw away those hair straighteners. They might make your hair smooth for a day but you are doing damage in the long run. Embrace your glorious curls and don’t worry about a few stray kinks here and there; wild hair is sexy!


Arrow Straight Hair

hair, human hair color, black hair, eyebrow, blond, Equally, if you are somebody whose hair is arrow straight no matter what you do to it, start changing your mind set and instead of longing to achieve styles that involve curling, instead seek out looks that would perfectly suit your straight hair. Some women would kill for it!


Petite Frame

black, clothing, dress, footwear, little black dress, A lot of petite women often feel childish well in to their adulthood because their frames are so small, but being tiny should never be seen as a bad thing. You are all woman, you just come in a slightly smaller package then most!


Statuesque Frame

hair, clothing, blond, undergarment, hairstyle, Girl, if you are statuesque you need to own that power because men and women alike will fall at your feet! Never be afraid to add height to yourself. Don’t avoid buying that amazing pair of heels because it would tack on an extra 6 inches. Own every inch of your body and you will feel like a goddess!



hair, human hair color, black hair, face, hairstyle, Some birthmarks are hidden under clothes, some are in more prominent places. Wherever yours is, you should never feel ashamed of it. Not only is it part of you, but it is also the marker of the fact that you have come out of childhood and grown in to the amazing human being that you are!


Front Tooth Gap

face, hair, eyebrow, facial expression, nose, At the end of the day, you should be more worried about keeping your teeth nice and healthy than the tiny gap at the front. I mean, come on, Madonna has one and it hasn’t seemed to have made a negative impact on her life! Never be afraid to show that smile.

I know that even despite reading this, plenty of you are still sitting there shaking your head, saying nope, still hate my tooth gap, freckles, bubble butt [insert flaw here]… Why not try embracing and enhancing it to see if you can change your own mind?

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Your comments on small chests and petite women aren't very comforting in comparison to your comments on Large chested and "statuesque" women..but thanks for the read..I guess


That makes so much sense. Thanks for putting this out

Aw thx! ❤

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