Don't Beat Yourself up over Wanting to do These Things ...


Don't Beat Yourself up over Wanting to do These Things ...
Don't Beat Yourself up over Wanting to do These Things ...

In this life, we are constantly apologizing for and constantly beating ourselves up for things that we shouldn't. Just because we are voting for a certain person in the election or we are staying in to binge watch Gilmore Girls all weekend, why should we have to apologize for that? These are just a few of the things that I do all of the time that I'm going to stop apologizing for, who's with me?

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Ignoring a Phone Call

mobile phone, portable communications device, communication device, smartphone, gadget, This is one that I do all of the time. Sorry, but I'm selective, I'll answer my wife (sometimes) and my mom. Everyone else? It's called texting for a reason.


Saying No

person, like, saying, It-lowerstheirenthusiasm, Sometimes I just don't wanna … and I shouldn't have to.


Putting Yourself First

hair, face, person, nose, hairstyle, This is a big one, you've got to put yourself first at some point and those people that don't understand that? Eff 'em!


Staying in on a Weekend

blond, I'm, looking, forward, sleeping., Seriously. You're going to apologize for this? It's your weekend!


Not Checking Your Email

hair, person, mouth, hairstyle, speech, This is one that I have to get over, I do check my email but I might not respond right away. Or ever.


Your Living Situation

hair, hairstyle, long hair, brown hair, supermodel, Some people live with their parents, some people live with roommates, why should it matter?


Binging on Netflix

screenshot, THE-ELLEN, SHOW, for, real, I like my Netflix, thank you.


Your Feelings

person, screenshot, gosh., Does, that, Why would you? No, really, why would you? They are your feelings, don't apologize!


Your Career Goals

Bilheteria Virtual, black and white, photograph, photography, monochrome photography, Again, some people want to be writers, some people want to just go to school – your career is your career!


Your Food Choices

human action, eating, face, person, nose, OMG, this is a huge one. Sometimes I eat late at night and it's unhealthy, sometimes I have a salad. I shouldn't have to apologize for what I choose to eat.


Your Personal Life Choices

NEXT, EPISODE!, NEXT, EPISODE!, NEXT, I can't stress this one enough either, my life is my life. Be in it or peace out!


Being Single

single, and, ready, mingle, double-take, Not every single person needs to be in a relationship, some people want to be single forever. It works for them.


Using a Dating App

New York Central System, New York Central System, NEW, YORK, CENTRAL, Or, some people want to find someone and haven't yet and therefore, they are using Tinder or Grinder. What's the big deal?


Not Washing Your Hair

face, nose, hairstyle, singing, singer, Sometimes, I can go three days without washing my hair … so what?


Your Political Views

person, profession, just, want, stop., Especially right now, this isn't something you ever need to apologize for.


Your Religious Views

person, woman, photography, beauty, girl, You are the one worshiping whoever you want, why should you say sorry about that?


Not Being Friends on Social Media

person, professional, speech, You, followed, This one is funny, we get so caught up on accepting or not accepting friend requests. Don't want to be friends with them? Don't!

So, there you have it, these are all of the things I am officially not apologizing for. What are you going to not apologize for anymore?

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Great tips by the way!

I can not agree more with all of this...thank you! The way I think...i do not need anyone's approval or validation.....I hate exercising...not everyone needs to be fitness oriented...i know I will loose benefits of exercise which I do not deny...but still I have right of choice.

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