8 Lessons to Learn from Real Life Princesses ...


8 Lessons to Learn  from Real Life Princesses ...
8 Lessons to Learn  from Real Life Princesses ...

Given the sheer amount of Disney movies that we all watched as we were growing up (and still do every now and then!), it would be fair to say that we have spent more time in the presence of fictional, animated princesses than the multitude of real ones that are parts of royal families all over the world. All this time spent with the likes of Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and co. has no doubt instilled in us a few life lessons, but what about the things that we can absorb from their real-life counterparts? Here are eight lessons to learn from real life princesses!

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Be Active in Your Own Life

Like Princess Zhao of Pingyang. She didn’t start out life as a princess, but she certainly made herself one when she joined her father on the battlefield when he decided he wanted to take over the rule of China! She put her destiny in her own hands!


Fight for Your Freedom when It is Threatened

Like Princess Lakshmibai. She was an Indian princess who fought for the freedom of her people against the forces of the British Empire. She saw Indian subjects being abused and mistreated by the British and her son stripped of his rightful claim to the throne, so she stood up for her nation and fought!


Define Yourself, Don’t Let Others do It

Like Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana. She is the Princess of Thailand who both studies fashion, a typically ‘girly’ thing, and also loves to play sports, a typically ‘boyish’ thing! She doesn’t let things like traditional gender roles dictate her life, and you shouldn't either.


You Should Always Want More from Life

Like Princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini. She is the princess of Swaziland, and she refuses to let the rules of her traditional culture limit her life experience. She make a habit out of fighting back against outdated rules and restrictions because she wants more for herself than just the normal princess route.


Always Try to Make the World a Better Place

Like Princess Diana. Before her tragic and untimely death, Diana devoted so much of her time to doing charity and humanitarian work for those who were much less fortunate. She did so much to fight the AIDS epidemic and help those suffering with addiction.


Try to Inspire Hope for People around You

Like Princess Elizabeth. Before she became Queen, Elizabeth II took her princess duties very seriously, and used to lend her young voice to radio broadcasts across Britain to comfort and inspire fellow children going through the war.


Fight for Equality Where You See Injustices

Like Princess Ameera Al-Taweel. A princess of Saudi Arabia, she has become an icon for equal rights for women in her country, using her power to to make better lives for the woman who suffer from a strict society.


Work Hard and Be Smart

Like Princess Lalla Salma. This amazing Moroccan princess gained a degree in engineering and did lots of work with computers before eventually taking up her royal title!

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