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Short Girls Are the Best ...

By Laura

According to studies and statistics, the average height of a woman is 5’4” in the U.S. which means if you’re under that you’re technically short. I’m 5’3 1/2” so I guess I’m just right there. Haha! At any rate, if you’re feeling bad about yourself for your height, let’s take a look at why short girls are the best.

1 Great to Date

Short girls make awesome girlfriends! Let’s face it, from needing a man to reach stuff on the high shelves, to thinking they’re tough when they’re not, right down to being shorter in heels and tippy toe kisses. A guy can’t resist a short girl which is one of many reasons why short girls are the best! Plus, short girls make the best little spoons and are great for hugging and resting on.

2 Longevity

Studies show that short girls live longer than taller people. That’s right, shorties are going to rule the world one day because all the y’all ones will be gone! Haha But seriously, short girls are at a smaller risk of cancer and they suffer from less injuries than those of average or above average height.

Double Bonus: even though short girls live longer, their environmental footprint is smaller because it takes less to sustain them, so realistically, short girls are eco-friendly.

3 Reflexes

As if you needed more reasons why short girls are the best other than looking in a mirror, short girls have quicker reflex response time. They are also more agile, more flexible AND have better balance. All in all, sounds like short girls make the best athletes and fitness personalities when compared to those who are not considered short. Break out the limbo stick everyone!

These things will get them to the front of concerts and make them able to squeeze into small spaces when necessary which is great if you lose something or someone parks too close to you in a parking lot.

Eva 5'3 by all means is"NOT SHORT",its pretty tall/ave...

4 Clothing Options

From never having to wonder if heels are going to make them “too tall” to being able to shop in the kids section (which BTW is way cheaper than adult clothes) short girls have some major fashion advantages that tall girls might struggle with.

On the flip side, short girls struggle to find Capri pants that are actually capris and shorts that don’t have to be super short in order to fit correctly so there’s always a trade off there depending on how you look at it.

5 Femininity

Tall girls-especially those considered above average in height-struggle with femininity and it sucks! They worry about dating, clothes, looking girly enough, and so much more that short girls don’t have to. Short girls definitely did not get the short end of the stick in this aspect because they have it way easier than tall girls! Just another reason why short girls are the best.

Eva RUMORS! Im 5'"I"count??? No one takes me se...

6 Cheap Drunks

Don’t get the wrong impression form the headline of this, it’s meant to be funny. Think about it, short girls typically require less alcohol to get drunk which means they spend less money on a girls night out than their taller counterparts would. A penny saved is a penny earned my friend! Which means you save while your tall friends spend more. Plus, when you do overdo it on the liquor, you’re the perfect height to be piggy backed home without killing yourself or your friend.

7 You’re Short Enough to Hide

Whether it’s a game of hide and seek while babysitting (or reliving your youth) or hiding behind racks and taller people to escape awkward situations, being short has its advantages! No more running to avoid a creepy guy at the bar, simply duck behind a couple people taller than you and you’re in the clear.

your"NOT SHORT"enough to"HIDE",stop this!...

8 Trips Are Easier!

Another reason why short girls are the best is for those who vacation. From leg room in the car to being crammed on a plane in the middle seat, leg room is usually never an issue for short girls. AND you can pack more stuff in your suitcases for more options because your clothes are typically smaller and easier to fold away.

9 You Age Gracefully

Short girls typically look younger than what they actually are due to their petite stature. You get carded a lot which could actually be really flattering if you’re pushing 30 (but I could see where it has its annoyances too). It’s a double edged sword but one many short girls are probably happy to bear. As you get older you’re going to appreciate being told you look young for your age!

Literally ME ALL the time since I'm only 5'4 almos...

10 Full of Energy

Not saying y’all girls don’t have energy or great personalities, but it seems like my tiny friends are way more bubbly and outgoing than the taller ones. This could very well tie into being more self confident because they get hit on more but whatever the reason, short girls always seem to have personalities and stamina like the Energizer Bunny!

11 The NSFW Answer

Okay y’all, skip this if you want but the headline is your warning!
Short girls as I previously mentioned makes them more agile which also works to their advantage in the bedroom. Their petite size makes them easy for a guy to flip them around and some positions have been known to be easier for short girls as opposed to taller girls.

While that thought very well may be part of the appeal to them when guys look at dating short girls but hey, it works to get more dates!

So there you have it, 11 fabulous reasons why short girls are the best! I’m sure there are so many more to add to the list but these are the top ones that came to mind when thinking about advantages to being less than average in height.

*Disclaimer: This is in NO WAY a judgement against tall girls!!! I think height on women gets a bad rap in general. I just wanted to highlight some of the great things about being short because it seems more girls struggle with that than being too tall.

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