Things Every Woman Should Accomplish before Turning 30 ...

Remember back in the day when turning 18 was the very pinnacle of adulthood? Well, in today’s modern landscape, that feels very much like you are still in the throes of your teenhood and young adulthood! I don’t know about you, but turning thirty feels much more like an appropriate benchmark these days. It gives you much more time to get in line with all of the expectations and achievements that people associate with being a mature adult! Here are things that every woman should accomplish before turning 30.

1. Have a Direction

I’m not saying you have to be where you want to be going at thirty, but something that is important for you to have done is to have more or less settled on a direction that you want your life to take. Pick a career lane and start working towards rising the ranks in that specific career. Thirty is nearly halfway to retirement, so you definitely need a direction!