7 Insipiring Quotes from Dr. Seuss to Live by ...

Forget those expensive self-help books or affirmation techniques; instead, grab a copy of “Horton Hears a Who”or “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” and start living your life according to some of the most inspiring quotes from Dr. Seuss. Ever since I was a child, I have always loved the zany literature of Dr. Seuss. However, as an adult who has a degree in Children’s Lit and who now reads these books to my own son, I have a new found appreciation for the inspiring quotes from Dr. Seuss – and believe me, they really are words to live by.

1. “a Person’s a Person, No Matter How Small.”

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My absolute favorite and one of the most inspiring quotes from Dr. Seuss comes from “Horton Hears a Who.” In the book, Horton, the elephant, states this profound quote in reference to the tiny little Whos. Apply that quote to real life and you really gain an appreciation for the fact that no matter how big, small, rich, poor, smart, successful (you get the idea), a person is, that person is still a person – and is still important – no matter what.

2. “Why Fit in when You Were Born to Stand out?”

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This is a Dr. Seuss quote that I truly try to live my life by. With the masses trying to fit in with one another – look like one another, act like one another, have the same thoughts as one another – nobody ever really tries to be themselves. And your own thoughts, ideas and even your style of dress are what make you, well, YOU!

3. “Don’t Cry Because It’s over; Smile Because It Happened.”

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I am one of those mushy, sappy people who tends to shed a tear and get all worked up once something comes to an end. To me, it is sad that the fun is over or that something great is gone. Instead of getting worked up, however, I try to remember this Seuss quote and I’m happy simply because something happened.

4. “Today You Are You, That is Truer than True. There is No One Alive Who is Youer than You."

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This one comes from the book “Happy Birthday to You!” and I just love it! I mean, there really is nobody else on the entire world that is more you than, well, you. To me, it means to embrace who you are and appreciate yourself.

5. “Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel, Because Those Who Mind Don’t Matter and Those Who Matter Don’t Mind.”

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Again, the wisdom behind these words is just remarkable. You shouldn’t be afraid to speak your mind and say how you truly feel. In the end, those who are offended don’t really matter, and those who do matter to you won’t be offended.

6. “Today I Shall Behave as if This is the Day I Will Be Remembered.”

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Exactly. Live each and every day as if it is your last. Regret nothing and do what makes you happy. What will you do today that people will remember you for? Hold doors open for others? Help an elderly person cross a street? Make someone smile? Give to the poor? Make each day count.

7. “Unless Someone like You Cares a Whole Awful Lot, Nothing is Going to Get Better. It’s Not.”

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This one is from “The Lorax” and it really sums up the state of the world. If each one of us doesn’t start caring about other people, about animals, about the environment, well, nothing is ever going to get any better. Is it?

Looking for some inspiring words to live by? Which of these Dr. Seuss quotes do you find the most meaningful? Or do you have your own favorite Dr. Seuss quote?

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