7 Great Quotes about Self-Esteem for when You're in Need of a Boost ...

Sometimes, we're in need of some wise words from sages and there are some great quotes about self-esteem for when you're in need of a boost that I would like to share with you. We all have days when our self-esteem can take something of a battering, but we sometimes need a wise person to whisper something in our ear which will make us sit up straight and feel a little better about ourselves. So here are some of my favorite quotes about self-esteem that I read when I'm in need.

1. The Buddha

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This is a great reminder to be kind to ourselves and is one of my favorite quotes about self-esteem. It really does start with being nice to you and valuing yourself and it's the little things you say to yourself that can make a big difference. For example, if you get something wrong, don't berate yourself for being stupid. If you make a mistake, don't think you're worthless. These little dialogues we have inside ourselves can made a huge difference to our self-esteem.

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