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How to Conquer the Challenges of Life like a Superstar ...

By Claudia

There are lots of people who aren’t fully satisfied with their lives, but why? Maybe because they don’t see that it’s more than just waking up, making a to do list, completing it and going to bed. It’s about living those challenges, and learning more about yourself from each one of them. I’m 18 years old and a first year medical student. I can say without a doubt that’s it’s hard to not get caught up in this stressful environment and end up diverging from who you really, or who you truly want to be. Putting a priority in studies is one thing, but treating it as if it were the only thing you need is another, and in my case that’s not what I want. I want to live a life where I’m more than someone who wakes up, eats, studies, sleeps. Don’t get me wrong, I do sports, very often, I’m the type who sets the most goals I can to satisfy myself. It’s just hard to do all that while staying grounded, true to myself and especially, keeping balance. I think in some way or in another we all need these few reminders of who we are, what we are worth. What I want to propose here is a new challenge. It’s not that much of a challenge. It’s just a way to see your life, a new perspective and oh I can say that it’s always all just a matter of perspective. Take the time to ask yourself these questions, and to consider the tips I share with you. You may need 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, or 1 year to be conscious of these things, but just do it right, it’s part of your journey. It might be just what you need


Start by asking yourself; when you go to bed at night, were does it hurt? Do you often feel tension in your back, in your head, in your stomach, in your knees? You may think it’s because you sat all day, or because you’re in front of screens too often, but go further than that and look deeper. Every organ is associated to an emotion. If you have anger in you, it will affect your liver and directly connect to give you a headache, menstrual pains, among many others. So aknowledge this connection, take it under consideration; sometimes, probably more often than you think, it goes beyond pills, it’s all about what’s in you. Read articles about chinese medecine and emotions associated to organs, it may be very helpful and give you a different approach on health.


Don’t you sometimes feel like you need to let something out, yet you’re uncapable of screaming, writing, talking, crying, laughing, you’re just in this state of complete neutrality you can’t seem to understand? Sit down, start breathing, and when you inhale think about all the positive things you want to put in you, everything you need, whatever makes you happy, there’s no limit. One the exhale, liberate everything you don’t want, everything you feel is a poison to you. Do this a few times, it may be just what you need. It will maybe be hard ti focus and to associate a mouvement like breathing to emotions, but just let yourself be guided by the flow and understand the power of your breathing, it’s direct connection to the outside world.


Why is it that, whenever we feel bad, we turn to food, and expect a big bowl of pasta with cheese to comfort your feelings. And then, little by little you end up having this reflex way more often than you intended to and you’re just not seeing any comfort in it anymore, only guilt and weakness. If you’re at that point, you’ve gone too far, it’s time to see things the right way. Food is here to heal us, to make us feel good about ourselves, so why are we making it the opposite? Way too many people get in this bad relationship with food and always goes in to an extreme. Why? You should be thankful for all you have and use everything in moderation. I know it’s hard, and it’s easy to say so you’ve probably already said it yet never managed to achieve this state of mind, at least not in the long term. So let’s start simple; find what the problem is (if there is one of course!). Find why it’s a problem. Then build your way up to the solution; when you’re craving something unhealthy, don’t just say « I should have somethinh healthy because it’s bad for me », say « i should do it because I want to and because my body deserves it ». That way you give yourself an actual, valuable reason to do it, something you’re proud of. If your problem is not eating healthy but something more like portion control, I would suggest mindful eating. Understand and be aware of everything that goes in to your body; chew, swallow, feel it making its way to your stomach and being digested. If every bite you think about these steps you’ll unconsciously eat slower, and be feel quicker. If you’re craving sweets, or fat and if you know you don’t need it because you already ate enough and you’re not necessarily hungry, then consider this; if you fall in to this craving, you’re not going to get anywhere. If you don’t, you’re going to get somewhere. So what do you trully want?

To sum up, what I’m trying to say is, listen to your body and don’t be harsh on it. Don’t deprive yourself and don’t go to the other extreme of binging on everything. It’s all balance, and if you achieve balance in this, you may achieve balance in everything else, because you’re able to control yourslef and not let your environment control you.


Your brain is divided in two halfs; one dedicated to everything related to science, rigourous thoughts, while the other is more about creativity and the art part in you. So don’t forget that, even if you don’t draw well or you don’t dance well, it doesn’t mean you’re not creative. You can write, you an meditate; it’s not the activity iself that counts, it’s how you do it. For example, I study a lot, so I’m always using one part of my brain, so what I try to do is decorate my notes while rewriting them, just to liberate that creative side in me. If you find balance, the side you need most while be even more efficient, otherwise you’re just burning out, and that’s not helpful!


If you feel sad one day, or depressed, just not in your element (which is totally normal to feel sometimes), don’t worry about it. Just sit down, take the time to write everything you like about what you have, who you have, what values defines you as a person, and what makes you smile. Just realize that you’ve got so much, so accept it, and help yourself get out of the position you’re in to move in to a better and happier place, the place you chose to be part of.


Always. Do it whenever you can. Always go beyond your limits. What you’ve never gone in to may scare you, because it’s unknown, but why stay in that comfort zone when life can be so much more challenging? By pushing yourself everyday, as much as posible, the routine you have everyday will seem to chane everytime, and you won’t get bored, you’ll find a reason to keep going, and most importantly, you teach yourself values and lessons that’ll stick with you for life, defining you and turning you in to the best version of yourself ; perfection.

If you want to know how to, my last article is about the beauty of what’s beyond your comfort zone, go check it out!


Love who you are! Every single day, set yourself goals and whenever you’re stuck and have fear to go beyond them, use the strengh that makes you you to overcome those things. You’ve got so much to offer, no matter where you come from. Knowing your worth is what saves you everyday, it’s your biggest power. Stand up for yourself, be happy about who you are.

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