In Honor πŸ… of Mother's Day πŸ“†: 7 Things Mom Really πŸ’― Was Right πŸ‘πŸΌ about ...

We probably don't like to admit there are things that Mom was right about but most of us have mothers that’ve given us wise advice down through the years. After all, your mom is usually the person you talk to when you’re dealing with difficult situations. For most girls, their mom is also their friend. It’s true that mom wasn’t right about everything but these are 7 bits of advice that mom was right about.

1. Don’t Touch Your Face

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Have you heard this from your mom? There’s a lot of wisdom in this piece of advice. Unless your hands have been recently washed, they’ve got germs on them. You can make yourself sick when you touch your face. Additionally, you can make your acne worse if you’re squeezing bumps. So as mom would say, hands off your face, sweetie!

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