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You Can Be Independent and Still do These 7 Things ...

By Holly

We're always urged to act independently, because it's a great trait to have. Not only will it make you desirable to others, but it'll make you happier with yourself. However, you should know what being independent actually entails. You don't have to be a millionaire who refuses to date in order to consider yourself independent. Here are a few things that you can do that won't make you any less independent:

Table of contents:

  1. You can ask for help
  2. You can have a steady boyfriend
  3. You can hate being alone
  4. You can be super shy
  5. You can live with your parents
  6. You can get frustrated
  7. You can miss others

1 You Can Ask for Help

You can still consider yourself independent, even if you need help changing a tire or cooking a meal. No matter how smart and self-sufficient you are, you aren't going to be able to do everything under the sun. We all have our talents and we all have our weak spots. If you need to consult Google or your mother, don't feel like you're a failure. Everyone, even us independent girls, need help every once in a while.

2 You Can Have a Steady Boyfriend

You can be independent, even if you're in a serious relationship where you live with your boyfriend and spend the majority of your time together. It doesn't mean you're dependent just because you ask your boyfriend for his opinions on important things and consult him before you make any big decisions. You still have your own thoughts. You still have your own free will. A healthy relationship just requires you two to act as a team.

3 You Can Hate Being Alone

Even independent ladies hate being alone every once in a while. After all, it's no fun to spend a Friday night in your room when all of your friends are out partying. Preferring to be around other people doesn't mean you're dependent. It just means that you're social.

4 You Can Be Super Shy

Shy girls can be independent, even though they might have some trouble in certain situations. Of course, independence isn't all about making phone calls and speaking to your waiter. It's also about supporting yourself financially and being able to take care of yourself. If you can do those things, you can consider yourself independent.

5 You Can Live with Your Parents

It's difficult to find a place to live nowadays, because everything is super expensive. If you're in college, or have recently graduated, and still live with your parents, don't worry. It happens to the best of us. If you do your own laundry and pay your own taxes, then you can still consider yourself independent, even though you're living at home.

6 You Can Get Frustrated

You're allowed to cry when you burn a meal or can't figure out how to fix your broken television. Independence doesn't mean that you have everything figured out. It just means that you're willing to take care of yourself. When you can't seem to do that, it's okay to break down.

7 You Can Miss Others

You're allowed to miss the days when your parents washed your dishes and cooked your meals. You're allowed to miss your ex, who would pay for your nights out. It's nice to be taken care of. It doesn't make you any less independent.

As long as you try your best to act independently, you can give yourself a pat on the back. It takes time to learn how to take care of yourself. Do you consider yourself to be independent?

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