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7 Life-Changing Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Jealous and Comparative ...

By Jessica

There are so many healthy and sound reasons why you shouldn't be jealous! Being jealous and comparative is human nature, but what we do with it and how deeply we let it take over our lives is the real issue. That's why I made an important, life-changing list of reasons why you shouldn't be jealous! I hope they are profoundly helpful.

1 Steals Your Joy

The most obvious of the reasons why you shouldn't be jealous is that it steals your inner joy! When you become jealous of a friend or family member, you start to compare what they have to what you don't have, and it robs you of being personally fulfilled. Reaching for the unreachable, or always wanting what you don't have, prevents you from living a full and free life! A good quote to remember is "comparison is the thief of joy." How very true and convincing!

2 Takes Your Individuality

We are all unique in our abilities, strengths, weaknesses, appearances, body types and personalities. It's what makes the world a colorful and beautiful place! Our individuality is something to be celebrated and cherished. Stop comparing yourself to that girl who is thinner or prettier than you, or who's more talented and makes more money than you. There will always, always be someone who is ahead of you in every area of life. Be passionate about who YOU are and love your individuality. There's no one else on earth like you or who can offer exactly what you can give!

3 Makes You Less Thankful

Envy takes the place of thankfulness in our hearts. It's the green monster of jealousy that wishes we had more and clouds our eyes from seeing the many blessings of life. Being jealous and comparative of someone, something, or some aspiration, makes you less thankful of what you already have and where you are in life. Next time a jealous feeling arrives, replace it with an attitude of thanksgiving by remembering what blessings you DO have and are probably taking for granted.

4 Lack of Satisfaction

The process of attaining more "stuff" to fill our bigger homes, better cars, and more successful careers is all fueled by jealousy and comparison of others. This mindset is completely toxic. It's not a bad thing to want to be successful and fulfilled in life - I think that's every person's dream. But to be utterly consumed by it, constantly wishing you were at a place of higher status, or wanting that better house or car your friend has, does nothing but rip you from being satisfied in the exact season you're in. Move forward in life, but be satisfied while doing it!

5 Hurts Relationships

I've been around even close friends who so obviously put off a vibe of jealously and comparison by belittling their own gifts and talents and making snarky remarks. This strains relationships and makes it less than desirable to be around that person! Don't let comparative thoughts consume you - if you're not happy with where your life is at, DO something about it. You're the only one who can make changes regarding your own life.

6 Takes Away Your Self-Worth

How do you value your self-worth? Is it in your family and friends? Or perhaps you thrive on being a successful parent or career person. Maybe it's the praise of others. Those are all areas that add to your life, but they don't define your self-worth. It's defined inwardly, not outwardly. Your purpose, meaning and value as a human being are not circumstantial but inherited. You will never feel completely worthy if you constantly compare what you don't have to others and strive to always want more. It just leads to more dissatisfaction and unhappiness!

7 Conforms Your Mind to Culture

We are constantly bombarded by the values of our culture through magazines, books, movies, TV shows, and media. Many of these "values" are superficial in nature and lead to emptiness. The Photoshopped model on the cover of a magazine is not reality but a distortion of true beauty. Fame and fortune are highlighted as glamorous and perfect, when we all know that's far from the truth. Money will never buy you happiness despite what consumerism says. Striving after these vain pursuits in life and living in jealousy, are destructive for who we are, what we value, what we teach our children and future generations about what's important in life!

Every person has jealous feelings and comparative thoughts! But have you ever ran into someone who so obviously was jealous of you or someone else and it came off in their speech and body language? I know I have! When that happens it's easy to see that those feelings and thoughts have taken over that person. Perhaps we have even been that person! Do any of you ladies have examples of when you or someone you know has been a jealous and comparative person? Did you see the repercussions of it?

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