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7 Wonderful Reasons Why Being Nice is Not a Weakness ...

By Corina

I’m sure that you’ve noticed that most people who are kind to others are often perceived as being weak, and they are often treated accordingly, but that belief is completely false and I will prove that there are in fact quite a few reasons why being nice is not a weakness. Samuel Johnson once said, "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good." A lot of people associate kindness with weakness, although they have no reason for doing that and thus, goodness and politeness are not what they used to be. I believe that because we are always too busy, we tend not to appreciate the people around us for who they really are and often we make mistakes, but, in order to avoid making them over and over again, here are a few reasons why being nice is not a weakness.

1 Being Nice is the Smart Thing to do

One of the main reasons why being nice is not a weakness is the fact that sometimes, being nice is definitely the smart thing to do. If you find yourself in a situation where things escalated very quickly and you’re on the verge of starting a conflict, then, by being nice, you can calm down the spirits and avoid getting into an argument. Being assertive is definitely not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of self-control!

2 By Being Nice You’ll Feel Good about Yourself

Of course, many people might tell you that you’ll be seen like a fool for always trying to help the people around you ‘cause nobody will ever appreciate your efforts. You mustn’t pay attention to all those bitter comments! After all, you are being nice because it makes you feel good, not because you wanna be appreciated.

3 By Being Nice You Can Help More People

Another benefit of being always nice to the people around you is the fact that they’ll be more open towards you, they’ll trust you more and they’ll give you the chance to help them and really make a difference in their lives. And we all know how good it feels to help others and that’s why, in my opining being nice is definitely not a weakness, even though there might be some people who will disagree with me on this.

4 Nice People Are Not Inferior

Nowadays, people who are being nice and polite are often not treated seriously and they’re even considered inferior because they are being perceive as weak. I know that sometimes is hard to behave in an assertive manner, but you must remember that you do it for yourself and not for those around you. You are definitely not inferior in any way, despite what others might think about you! Just repeat yourself that and you will manage to ignore them!

5 By Being Nice You Can Really Make a Difference

There are a few people that manage to stay good, polite and nice despite everything. These people are like that because they never forget about who they really are inside. By their attitude and behavior, they sometimes manage to make a difference and change at least a little, the views and beliefs of the ones around. Maybe you won’t succeed every time but you can at least try.

6 You’re Not Passive by Being Nice

A lot of people tend to believe that by not behaving in an aggressive manner you will be perceived as being weak or as being passive. They couldn’t be more wrong! Being nice is the first step to take if you want to learn how to behave in an assertive manner, the only way you’ll get to develop and sustain more meaningful relationships. There’s such a huge difference between being passive and nice and it’s actually very sad that many people don’t see it.

7 You Shouldn’t Let Society Tell You Who You Are Supposed to Be!

I know that sometimes this might be hard to do, but you shouldn’t let society tell you who you are supposed to be or how you are supposed to behave in certain situations. You and only you decide how to act, whether you’ll be nice to the ones around you or not. If you are a nice, polite and kind person, don’t change because others may tell you to or because you wanna follow the trends! Just be yourself!

Remember that being nice is definitely not a weakness and that by being kind to the ones around you can even change the world or at least, your world! Do you think that nice people are perceived as being weak? Do you agree with that? Do tell!

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