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Wondering how to stop overscheduling your life? Thanks to this fast-paced society that we are currently living in, you are probably busier now than you have ever been. Trying to juggle a successful professional life and an equally successful private life can sometimes be a real challenge, and it can be tempting to overcommit to one thing or another if you feel like you are lacking in a certain department. When you overcommit or accept too many challenges and activities at the same time, your schedule can go from open to overloaded in the blink of an eye. You need to practise a little more self-care and try not to make yourself too busy when you can help it. Here's how to stop overscheduling your life.

1. Know Your Place

Even if you have good intentions, you might be someone who has a tendency to insert themselves into the business and lives of other people when you are not necessarily needed. This is a sure fire way to make yourself both too busy and annoying to those around you. If you sense even the slightest reservations from others about plans that you are making or things that you are doing, then it might be healthy to take a step back and have that time as free time instead. This is one of the best answers for how to stop overscheduling your life.

Establish Boundaries
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