How to Shake up Your Routine by Being More Spontaneous ...

We need structure in our life to be successful and to achieve. It’s good to have a comfort zone. But there are times when you need to escape the confines of routine, to shake things up a bit. Unpredictability is refreshing and life-informing. Think you need to be more spontaneous? Here’s how:

1. Stop Whatever You’re Doing and Dance! Right Now!

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Stop what you are doing, get up on your feet and have your own private dance party right this second! The key to how to be spontaneous is to let go of your inhibitions and do something out of the ordinary, whether you are in the library or just sitting on the couch at home, it’s time to get down!

2. There Are so Many New Places Just Waiting to Be Explored

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Visiting the same restaurants and destinations over and over again can sap the adventure out of a person. Make sure you keep some spontaneity by making the conscious effort to go to new places that you have never been to before. The sense of pleasant uncertainty and surprise when exploring a new location is so fun.

3. Shakes Things up with a Twist in Your Normal Events

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Spice up your daily or weekly routine by adding in a few extra twists whenever you can. It could be anything from trying a different route to work or changing which grocery store you do your weekly food shopping in. These changes might seem small but you never know what might happen along the way!

4. Open up a World of Possibilities with a New Hobby

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Taking up a new hobby or activity is a great way to open yourself up to more spontaneity. Joining a group of people like an exercise class or a book club can not only enhance your life in a cultural way but will also give you the opportunity to make new friends who you can get in to even more adventures with.

5. Trust in Randomness Because It Will Pay off in the End

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If you are one of those people who rely heavily on making logic-based decisions, a great way to be more spontaneous is to leave your logic at home and try out making certain decisions by chance! Can’t decide which club to go to? Flip a coin. It might not be the one you were thinking of choosing, but trust in the coin and it can take you on an unexpected ride!

6. It’s Time to Take the Plunge and Be More Impulsive

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When you think about, how many times in your life have you had regrets about not doing something you really wanted to? In order to be spontaneous you have to turn down your sensible side a little bit and just be more impulsive. Sometimes it can be fun to not think about the future and just concentrate on the present.

7. Do Something Different Today – Have a ‘yes Day’

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A ‘yes day’ is a entire day of your life in which you are forbidden from saying no to anything that anybody suggests to you, within reason, of course! Yes days are designed to bring you out of your reserved shell and if done with a group of friends, can end up in absolutely hilarious circumstances!

8. Talk to Strangers Because They Are Just Friends You Haven’t Met Yet

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Again, this tip should of course be taken with caution, but a fun thing to do is to try not to shut yourself off from the friendliness of strangers when you are waiting for a bus or taking a solo plane journey. Next time, leave your headphones in your pocket and strike up a conversation with the person next to you. You may find it to be a more than pleasant experience.

9. Be a Tiger Not a Pussycat - Know You Have the Strength to Face Your Fears

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There’s no better way than to show everyone your new found spontaneity than to do some things that scare you the most! Whether it’s skydiving, swimming in the ocean or even taking a plane ride, nothing shows newfound character like facing the things that scare you most. You can do it!

Spontaneity should be a lot fun and a little scary. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone into the unknown?

p.s. We’d love to hear your stories of any time you were spontaneous and it made a big difference to your life or formed a life changing decision.

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