Fab Tips to Help You Recover when Someone Bursts Your Bubble ...


Fab Tips to Help You Recover when Someone Bursts Your Bubble ...
Fab Tips to Help You Recover when Someone Bursts Your Bubble ...

Just a few minutes ago, you were on top of the world and suddenly that phone call or a brief conversation with your friend or partner crashed your flight. Now you need to know how to recover when someone bursts your bubble.

I am positive that this happens to most of us. Who are these people who burst our bubble every time? Why do they do this? These are negative and very toxic people we come across.

Some times it is very difficult to throw them out of your lifeYes, with time, you can succeed at keeping them away by moving out of that relationship or distancing yourself from them.

But while we are still with them or have them around you, due to lack of choice or other factors, you can try to help yourself by learning how to recover when someone bursts your bubble.

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Take a Deep Breath

As soon as you get off the phone, after talking to a toxic person, take a deep breathe. Put the phone in a place where you can’t see or use for an hour. A deep breath is the best answer for how to recover when someone bursts your bubble.


Make a Cup of Tea or Coffee

At home, take the brightest mug possible, boil water on the stove and watch the bubbles while you make a hot cup of tea of coffee for yourself. Personally, the aroma of coffee relaxes me and it could do the same for you. Hold the mug in your palms and left the heat seep into your palms. This is a strong sensation and it might help you divert your thoughts. Sip, sip and sip very slowly watching the skyline from your window.


Go for a Walk

If it is not a phone call and the person is still present in the room or the house, take yourself out of the room or the house and go for a walk. Go check the mailbox, watch the kids at the playground or just wander.


Distract Yourself with an App

Your smartphone comes in handy too. Just look for funny WhatsApp messages from your family and friends. I am sure that will definitely bring a smile and help you deal with the toxicity.


Take a Bath

A shower or long bath with few drops of scented oil will help soothe your nerves. Once your nerves are relaxed, your mind will start clearing too. Remember to take deep breaths too.


Check Your Pulse Points

Check your pulse points like the ones on your wrist. Or if you're are clenching your fists, or there is pressure building up in your forehead, press behind your ears or on your temple. Try and relax by massaging these pulse points while in the shower or the tub.


Listen to Music

Music helps as well. Just be sure to choose tunes that are relaxing and not loud and jarring.


Eat Comfort Foods

Cooking or rustling up some comfort food helps me deal with unpleasantness. Have something that your mom made you as a kid when you had a bad day.


Practice Self Care

Make caring for yourself a top priority. Don’t brood about the negativity in your life. Quit wondering why and how it happened and no matter what, do not blame yourself. Instead have mercy on yourself and recognize that you're human and that life isn't perfect.

Once you have conquered that moment and got yourself out of it, you will emerge stronger and be able to distance yourself from the negativity. Remember, the person who used the negative conversation is the culprit and you are not responsible in any which way for that person’s reactions.

These people are toxic, negative, no matter what you do. They will always suck your energy and drain your life out of you. You just need to learn how to deal.

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This is awesome 😘 Thank you so much for writing this 👍

Thanks for these tips. Very important and useful. Could not agree more with the last words!

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