8 Easy Steps to Remove a Toxic Friend from Your Life ...


8 Easy Steps to Remove a Toxic Friend from Your Life ...
8 Easy Steps to Remove a Toxic Friend from Your Life ...

Are you looking for some easy steps to removing a toxic friend from your life?

Removing someone who is toxic in your life can be very difficult, especially if it is someone who was your best friend for a period of time. But we all come to the crossroad where we have to make the right decision for ourselves. Holding onto toxic people is very damaging and it can leave multiple scars on your life. In my life, I have had to disconnect from several of my friends because they were toxic and I wasn’t happy. Their presence wasn’t needed anymore and I’m now a better individual because I was able to take the right steps accordingly. For those who are struggling here are 8 steps to removing a toxic friend from your life.

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Slowly Stop Replying to Their Texts and Phone Calls

The first of the 8 steps to removing a toxic friend from your life is to cut off contact. One of the most crucial but simple things to start with is to stop making yourself so available to them. Be classy and nice about it but just quietly create distance between them and yourself. You don’t need to say anything or explain yourself to the person just yet. Just keep it to yourself and don’t answer as many texts and don’t pick up the phone for them all the time anymore. This will start to send a message that you’re not as invested or interested in the friendship anymore and the person will probably start to leave you alone.


Remove Them from Social Media

Now that you have started to cut off contact with the toxic individual it’s time to step it up by removing them from your Facebook friend list. Along with removing them on Facebook also unfollow them on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. This will send a clear message that the friendship is coming to an end. Don’t mention as to why and don’t explain yourself. If they start getting nosy, then just make up excuses until you feel comfortable with telling them the truth.


Delete Any Pictures You Have of This Person

Deleting pictures in general is one of the hardest steps when it comes to letting go of a friend. Pictures are memories of the good old days and it’s heartbreaking to see that the good old days are long gone. But by keeping the pictures around you’re doing a disservice to your individual well-being. By deleting pictures you’re telling yourself that it’s time to move on and that this person doesn’t mean anything to you anymore. If someone is willing to hurt you in the worst ways you can imagine, then keeping their memory alive isn’t worth it.


Make a List of Why You Need to Leave Them

Even though you’re caught up in the good old days it’s crucial to not forget the terrible things this so-called “friend” has done to you. Remind yourself as to why this person is toxic and how things ended up this way. You don’t realize how bad a situation is until your write it all down on paper. For myself this was a huge revelation with a lot of people, and it really helped me to come to terms with losing those friendships.


Writing down a list of reasons why you need to leave a toxic friend can be a powerful tool in helping you make the decision to cut ties. This step allows you to reflect on the negative aspects of the friendship and see them in a clear and objective manner. It also serves as a reminder to not let yourself fall back into the cycle of toxicity. Additionally, writing things down can help you process your emotions and come to terms with the loss of the friendship. It may also be helpful to seek support from other friends or a therapist during this process.


Re-Build Your Self Worth

In order to leave someone, you have to know your worth. When you keep a toxic person around for too long, you start to see yourself in a negative light. By keeping this person around, you’re basically saying that you’re a piece of trash that they can just kick around whenever they feel like it. In reality, no one deserves to be treated like that and it’s our responsibility to show ourself how much we are worth, and that we deserve to be happier, as well to have healthy friendships. Make a list of all of your great qualities and have your closest friends help you add to the list.


Toxic friendships can have a serious impact on our self-worth and self-esteem. Studies have shown that being around toxic people can lead to feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness. By recognizing our worth and building our self-esteem, we can take the necessary steps to remove toxic friends from our lives. This can include making a list of our positive qualities and surrounding ourselves with supportive and positive friends. It's important to remember that we deserve to be treated with respect and kindness, and that we have the power to remove toxic people from our lives in order to prioritize our own mental and emotional well-being.


Get a Second Opinion

When it comes to making the decision to drop a toxic person, it’s best to get an opinion from an outside party. When I was getting ready to remove toxic people I would always confide in one of my best friends and ask her what she thought of the situation. Keep in mind your friends are always right. They’ll always be able to spot a toxic friendship before you even realize it’s happening. Take their opinions to heart and listen to what they have to say about everything regarding this toxic person. Friends are good with helping us see our value and that we’re better off without terrible people in our lives.


Getting a second opinion is crucial when it comes to removing toxic people from your life. It can be difficult to see the toxicity in a friendship when you are emotionally invested, which is why seeking advice from a trusted friend or family member can be helpful. Research also suggests that having a strong social support system can help individuals cope with the aftermath of ending a toxic friendship. Additionally, talking to someone outside of the situation can give you a more objective perspective and help you make a more informed decision. Remember, your friends have your best interests at heart and can offer valuable insight into the situation.


Get Rid of Their Number

Now is the time to cut off all communication altogether. Delete the toxic person’s number shortly after you have a heart to heart with a trusted friend or adult in your life. By getting rid of their number you’re making the official statement that this person is no longer a friend to you, and it’s not worth your time to talk to someone who makes you feel terrible about yourself.


Cutting off communication with a toxic friend can be a difficult but necessary step for your well-being. According to a study by the University of California, toxic friendships can lead to increased stress and negative emotions. Deleting their number is a symbolic gesture that sets boundaries and shows that you value your mental health. This action can also prevent you from reaching out to them in moments of weakness. It's important to seek support from a trusted friend or adult during this process to help you stay strong and focused on moving forward. Remember, you deserve to surround yourself with positive and supportive people.


Say Goodbye

Finally, it’s time to sit down with this toxic person and let them know that the friendship is over. Be classy when doing this and give straightforward reasons as to why the friendship is broken. Usually the person will be understanding, but if not, then leave it at that. Someone always gets hurt in a friend breakup and it’s not easy for anyone. Everyone handles it differently. If they start getting angry, then let them be angry and remove yourself from the situation. If things get out of hand, then get help. But overall, stay calm and do your very best to not stoop to their level. Saying goodbye is never easy, but you’ll see how much happier you’ll be without this person in your life.

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