How to Deal✌️ with Mean Girls 😑 and Still Be a Lady πŸ‘Έ ...

Are you wondering how to deal with mean girls in a classy way? Some women can be mean, petty, and catty toward another woman for no reason. But it’s nothing new. Woman have been dealing with this for years, I bet if you went up to your mother right now and asked her. She would say the same thing.

So how to deal with mean girls in a classy way? Read on for some advice.

1. Clutch Your Pearls

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Ever been minding your own business and some woman comes up to you says something slick, and you feel like giving her a piece of your mind or straight up curse her out? Well, you may be giving her exactly what she wanted. When a woman feels intimidated or threatened by you, she says or does things to get a reaction out of you and pull you down to her own level so she feels better. So what you do instead of letting her pull you out your character? Learn to simply put your hand on your chest, take a moment and walk away. Don’t give her that power. And that's one of the best answers for how to deal with mean girls in a classy way.

2. Respond with Wit

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Say you’re at a party, minding your own beeswax and having a blast. Your positivity is starting to attract people, and some woman gets jealous, comes up to you and says something disrespectful. Just look around and say β€œSorry, I don’t have one” and at this point, they will either look confused or ask β€œWhat?” and simply reply with β€œa care to give” and walk away.

3. Avoid It All Together

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If you have a girlfriend that’s always gossiping and talking smack about other women, chances are she's going to talk about you or she's already doing it. It’s best to distance yourself from this person. Find a girlfriend that uplifts women, not one who constantly brings other women down.

4. Ask Them This Question

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"Why are you taking the time out your day to say this to me?"
Really, it's a good question - does it further her life in any way? Does it make her feel better? The answer to the first question is no. And if it's the second question, then it really lets YOU know how much of a miserable person she is and to not waste any more of your time communicating with her.Let her deal with her own personal issues while you continue to live your life.

How do you deal with this kind of woman?

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