Inspirational Ways to Be More Mindful Every Day ...

By Jondrea

Inspirational Ways to Be More Mindful Every Day ...

Looking for some ways to be more mindful every day? In today’s fast-paced society it’s almost impossible to stop and be mindful. Mindfulness is the basic essence of being present and aware of our surroundings and decision making. It’s almost impossible for us to be mindful with the constant distractions that life brings. However, the innate force within us that thrives off of understanding constantly wedges us into a space in which we realize the importance of being aware.

From my experience, women spend most of their 20’s doing damage control based on decisions that they made without considerable thought. The next decade is spent healing from those hazardous decisions and being riddled with fear of making those same type of mistakes again. If I could tell my younger self one piece of advice it would be “Be more mindful”. I’m almost sure that I would have still made some mistakes but, I would have taken more ownership and blamed others less. Here are the top 10 ways to be more mindful every day.

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Try to Make Lifelong Decisions

Take time to decipher the difference between temporary and permanent. Permanent fixtures within your life should get 75% of your energy while temporary situations should receive 25%. This too shall pass is a mantra to live by and one of the best ways to be more mindful every day.


Have Reverence for Love

Respect and appreciate the people who love you and the ones that you love. Real love is special and should be treasured. Spend less time worrying about who doesn’t love or like you. This type of worrying is counterproductive and it drains an extraordinary amount of energy and focus from your life.


Don’t Allow Circumstances to Control Your Actions

Focus more on your reaction than others actions. People will ruffle your feathers just because they can. Strive to be even tempered and if that is impossible, try to delay your response. If you need time to think things through it’s okay.


Continually Self-monitor Your Motives

Our motives are a picture perfect lens into our hearts. Always check and see if your motives are pure. If you have to pretend to get to the next level then you really took a step backward and not forward.


Trust Your Inner Voice

Listen to the voice that is within you. Let that voice be the judge of whether you are making the right decision or not. You already possess all of the tools you need to make good decisions.

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Happiness depends upon ourselves.


Plan for Success

Write out the plans you have for your life and revisit them often, especially during times of disappointment. Always keep your eyes on the prize. Successful people have laser sharp vision and are not easily distracted.


Believe That You Know What Path You Need to Take for Your Life

Be who you are destined to be and not what others have envisioned for you. People will bombard you with their images of you. Most of the time they mean well but examine the things that really make you happy and seek out those things and paths within life.


Admit Your Mistakes

When you are wrong, be apologetic and when you are right, be humble. Very few people can tolerate a person who knows it all. Mistakes are okay and no one is perfect.


Forgive and Let It Go

When people hurt you, forgive and move on. You may not forget but keep moving forward. Growth requires movement, don’t let any person or circumstance stagnate your growth.


Make Gratefulness Mandatory

Be grateful every day that you live and know that life is a gift. Living another day is an opportunity for greatness that should be valued.

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