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How to Make Shit Happen and Still Smell like Roses ...

By Deeceebee

If your life isn’t moving as fast as you’d like, and your goals are still aspirations rather than achievements, you need to know how to make shit happen. No one in this world is going to hand you anything on a plate. You need to work for it, strive to attain your goals, hustle if need be, but you are the one who can and needs to take responsibility for achieving your dreams. You don’t necessarily need to be prepared to claw your way to the top. Just be prepared to be focussed and strong. In other words, know how to make shit happen and make it happen. BUT! In doing so, you don’t need to be a ball breaker or an angry, shouty person. Achieving your goals is so much better knowing you have reached them with grace, humility, and integrity.

1 Do, Don’t Say

Whatever your goal is do it. Forget talking about it. Stop making vision boards and to-do lists and make an action plan. Give yourself targets you need to work hard to reach and achieve them. Arm yourself with the tools you need, motivate yourself and get started. Do something. Just get started.

2 Ignore the Haters and the Naysayers

Don’t let the bastards get you down. You are going to get shit laid on you – that’s life. If you listen to it, it will grind you into the ground and destroy your confidence and dreams. You will never equate to anything if you listen to the haters and the naysayers. Ignore them. Your goals about you and what you want. Not them. Take the high road and walk with a smile.


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3 Always do Your Best, but do It with Integrity and Grit

Work like a badass on your goals. If something doesn’t move you forward to your targets, nix it. At the very least question it and turn it into a positive. Expect excellence of yourself. This doesn’t mean being a perfectionist (that’s counterproductive to goal achievement). Knowing when good enough is good enough is a major attribute. Cut yourself some slack when you deserve it.

4 Be Thirsty for Achievement

Get the skills you need. Work for what you want because you know the rewards are there. Teach yourself the skills you need – take courses or follow YouTube tutorials. Having the right skills and tools is going to make shit happen a lot easier. Once you have them use, these humbly and gracefully.

5 Be Honest

Being honest is being true to yourself. You will never be happy with having reached your goals if you did it without honesty. Put your heat into it. Don’t bullshit, ride on the coat tails of others, work hard, and when you come across something you don’t like, change it, work around or ignore it, choosing the best avenue that leads to your goal.

6 Let Your Work do the Talking

People will recognize your success without you needing to brag or boast about it. As well as the immense feeling of self-satisfaction (which is so much better than external recognition), credibility really matters.

7 Keep the Faith

You have to believe you can do it. Wanting isn’t enough. Remember too, sometimes you can’t do it alone. Whether it’s needing actual help or just knowing the support is there for you, accept it. Having assistance with your goals doesn’t take the shine off achieving them. Be tenacious and trust yourself. Have grit and determination and faith in yourself to get there.

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