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Six Ways 6 to Better Your Life and Be Happy ...

By Emma

Are you looking for ways to better your life? Fortunately, there are loads of ways to do this. With so many options, you won't have any trouble deciding which one works best for you. Betting your life lets you enjoy everyday things and you'll be healthier too. So, try any of these ways to better your life and you'll be good to go.

1 Treat Yourself

Treating yourself is one of the best ways to better your life. Girls, how often have you wanted to get something, and thought, "Hmm no I haven't earned it," or "I'm too fat to pull this off." Or even that you somehow weren't worth it. Well girls, let's be blunt. That's preposterous. We are all fabulous, and deserve to be spoiled from time to time! That cute shirt you wanted or that drink you've been craving? Just go for it! Not only will you start to feel like the queen you are, but you'll start to act like one too!

2 Positive Affirmations

In society I've noticed that it's somehow NOT acceptable to be happy with what you look like and who you are. To me personally that's sad, and we need to knock out that idiotic notion. Girls, we kick butt and sometimes what's healthy is to just remind ourselves that.


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3 Meditate

Give yourself some me time. Sit listen to that song you just love from the radio and just chill on the couch and do nothing.
Trust me girls, it'll do wonders.

4 The Bad Day System

Ok ladies this sounds odd, but this is a health tactic that makes you feel good about yourself while STILL treating yourself, and trust me it's the most amazing system for having a fabulous week. It's the bad day system. Good days are the days you know you eat healthy, and for every good day you give yourself a mark. A mark is equivalent to a small treat, maybe a sweet tea, or candy bar. The more marks you collect the bigger the treat. The idea is to save up your good day marks and cash them in on a bad day.

5 Learn Something New

I don't mean to go back to school and learn things you'll never use. I mean learn, as in a new language, maybe how to write, maybe how to dance. The point is to keep yourself entertained and moving. You'll feel better having a productive day.

6 Cut Loose Ends

Everyone's got weights, and everyone's got stress, but what a lot of us don't realize is we don't have to all the time. That nagging family member, that useless unloving man, even those awful coworkers. As my mother always said, "For something someone says to matter you have to actually care what they think." So basically... stop caring! Tell them to knock it off because your fabulous self has better things to do!

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